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Dyson Groom vac tool for dogs unveiled

Watch our first look video review of the £40 tool

Dyson’s Groom Tool for dogs has been officially launched today, a ‘mess-free’ dog-grooming brush for Dyson vacuum cleaners. We got our hands on one of the tools to bring you our first look Dyson Groom tool review.

Yesterday Which? experts correctly predicted that Dyson’s latest gadget launch would be a dog-grooming tool, following hints from Dyson that today’s UK unveiling would have a canine theme.

According to Dyson founder James Dyson: ‘A moulting dog isn’t man’s best friend. Conventional grooming tools create a fur cloud and more cleaning. We’ve engineered the Groom Tool to hygienically remove fur, without the mess. 

Video: Dyson Groom Tool first look review

We’ve tried it out on a couple of furry friends of the Which? team. Watch the video below to see the Groom Tool in action and read below for our full write-up of our first impressions.


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How the Dyson Groom Tool works

The Groom Tool attaches to the hose of most Dyson vacuum cleaners and – rather than waiting for hair to fall onto your floor or furniture – is used to brush loose hairs and dead skin directly from the dog. It has stainless steel bristles which comb the dog’s hair, controlled by putting pressure on a tab with your thumb.

Releasing a thumb-operated button on the back focuses the suction on the head of the Groom Tool, and it’s this that sucks the hair away from the brush leaving a clean brush and the hair in the Dyson.

Dysoning the dog

After we filmed the video above, to get a second opinion we another of our researchers to try it out on his three-year old  Labradoodle, who needs to be groomed every day.

Grooming the dog is usually done outdoors, primarily because of the amount of hair he loses every day creates a cloud of yellow hair.

For this reason the Dyson Groom Tool really appealed to our researcher, who said: ‘It’s not much fun grooming the dog outside in the dark in winter, and whenever you groom a dog outside, there’s still the need to sweep up the hair.’

Dyson Groom tool

Just launched: Dyson Groom tool for dogs

Attaching the Dyson Groom Tool

Our researcher’s dog loves being groomed, but doesn’t like vacuum cleaners – he leaves the room the moment it’s switched on.

He said: ‘Like many dogs, he’s not keen on the noise. But the sight of the Groom Tool, which looks much like any dog brush, kept him interested while I took my Dyson DC18 to pieces to attach the Groom Tool.’

Setting up the Groom Tool seems like a lot of effort just to brush the dog. To attach it you first need to free the hose from the body of the vacuum cleaner, then detach the rigid hose end to attach the Groom Tool to the flexible hose-end.

But the good news is that by the time the dog was being groomed, he seemed to have forgotten about the noise of the vacuum cleaner.

Grooming with Dyson’s dog brush

Grooming easy-to-reach areas, such as the dog’s sides and back were easy with the Groom Tool, and the stiff stainless steel bristles lifted away a lot of hair, but not noticeably more than the other dog brushes our researcher had used.

But it was a struggle to groom him all over because the Groom Tool needs to be attached to the vacuum cleaner, and because of this, the hose gets in the way. This made reaching under his tummy and hind quarters a struggle.

Dyson says the Groom Tool is for use on long- or medium-haired dogs, so for this reason our researcher wasn’t able to use it on his dog’s short-haired legs. So thoroughly grooming our researcher’s Labradoodle wasn’t possible, but he was impressed with the results when grooming the animal’s back and sides.

Effective on back and sides

Despite being a bit hard to use, the Groom Tool is suited to occasional indoor grooming and does a good job. Hair captured in the brush was sucked away the moment the bristles were retracted, and there didn’t seem to be many hairs left around the dog after he was groomed.

Overall, our researcher thought the Groom Tool is likely to be popular with some dog owners but it didn’t convince him to give up on his old dog brush, as grooming the dog seemed quicker and easier the traditional way, even if it involved sweeping up afterwards.

According to our researcher: ‘Having to dismantle a vacuum cleaner to be able to groom the dog seems a step too far. And if the Groom Tool appeals to you, remember you’ll need a Dyson vacuum cleaner to attach it to.’

Dyson Groom brush

The stray hairs are collected in your Dyson vac, which is then emptied as normal. Dyson says the grooming brush is suitable for medium or long-haired adult dogs and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Is the Dyson Groom Tool suitable for your pet?

If you’re unsure whether the Groom Tool can be used on your dog, you can call Dyson on 0800 298 0298. The tool is compatible with most Dyson vacuum cleaners, except these models:

  • DC16
  • DC21, DC22 and DC23 Motorhead models
  • DC30 and DC31 handheld models

The tool costs £40 and is available to buy online from Dyson and other retailers nationwide from high street shops from early 2011.

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