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Which? reveals the best dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers from Argos, DeLonghi, and Ebac rated

A picture of the Dimplex DXDH10N 10 Litre dehumidifier

A Which? test of dehumidifiers has uncovered two Best Buy models and one dehumidifier that is so bad we’ve given it our Don’t Buy warning.

Our dehumidifiers test rated models from top brands such as Argos, DeLonghi, Dimplex and Ebac, and reveals just how much you have to spend to get a decent model.

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Cheap to run dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers help cut humidity in your home – but you can pay more than £200 for one, and if you need to keep your dehumidifier running for long periods it could also push up your electricity bills.

So you don’t pour money down the drain, we’ve measured just how energy efficient different dehumidifiers are, along with how much moisture they really suck out from the air. 

We also reveal our expert tips for buying the best dehumidifier, which guides you to the features you need and those gimmicks you can live without.

Best dehumidifiers

Which? home editor Natalie Hitchins says: ‘By testing dehumidifiers in a special climate-controlled test room, we’ve found out how much water different humidifiers can suck out of the air in different conditions, so you can see how they’ll do in your unheated caravan or conservatory, as well as in your house.’

‘Dehumidifiers tend to make a racket but some are worse than others, so we’ve also included noise in our ratings.’

Other considerations include water tank size. A small tank will mean you have to empty it more often, so we check how much the dehumidifier can take – and that it turns itself off when the tank’s full to stop it overflowing. 

We test the clothes drying function that some dehumidifiers offer using a load of damp cotton laundry, and finally we assess how easy the dehumidifier is to use to come up with our overall rating.

Dehumidifiers tested

The full list of dehumidifiers that we’ve reviewed and rated is:

  • Argos MDT-10DMN3 Value 10 Litre
  • Challenge MDT-12DMN3 12 Litre
  • DeLonghi DEM10 10 Litre
  • DeLonghi Tasciugo Ariadry Slim 12 Litre DES 12
  • DeLonghi Tasciugo Ariadry Slim 16 Litre DES 16
  • Dimplex DXDH10N 10 Litre
  • Ebac 2650e DD695WH
  • Ebac Amazon DE64WH-GB
  • Ebac Powerpac DH700WG

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