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New Dyson vacuum cleaners revealed

DC47 and DC50 feature new Dyson technology

Dyson is launching two new vacuum cleaners today: the DC47 cylinder vacuum cleaner and the DC50 upright vacuum cleaner. Which? takes a look at the new technology. 

UPDATE 01/01/14: We have now fully tested the Dyson DC47 cylinder vacuum cleaner and the . You can visit our reviews to see how they did in our lab tests. 

Dyson claims its new vacs can pick up more dust than ever before. Plus, both the upright and cylinder versions will work with Dyson’s new ‘tangle-free turbine tool’ – their new version of the traditional pet hair/turbo tool – that should never get clogged with hair.

Which? floorcare expert Adrian Porter said: ‘It will be interesting to see how much difference the second ring of cyclones make to dust pick-up in our lab tests compared with Dyson’s last vacs. But for me it’s the tangle-free turbine tool that really exhibits Dyson’s innovative skills. I haven’t seen anything like it before and I’m keen to see how it will fare in our tests.’

Both these new Dyson vacs will shortly be en route to our test lab. In the meantime you can read our full, independent reviews of more than 125 vacuum cleaners and find out which are Best Buys in our vacuum cleaner reviews

New Dyson technology

The new vacuums feature Dyson’s new dual cyclone technology, which is a two-tier layer of cyclones. The increased number of cyclones, stacked on top of each other for a compact finish, work together to separate microscopic dust particles from the airflow, so even smaller particles should end up in the vac’s bin than before.

The new tangle-free turbine tool is a fresh take on the traditional pet hair/turbo tool. It has two counter-rotating paddles in place of a brush bar, which should mean there is nothing for hair to wrap itself around – saving you an annoying maintenance job. Our lab tests will reveal whether this new tool really will remain as tangle free as Dyson claims.

Dyson cylinder vacuum

The DC47 cylinder vacuum cleaner head includes two airflow channels, which Dyson says will allow for even coverage of the surface being cleaned and should result in it picking up more dirt. A flexible hose added to the head also makes it easier to manoeuvre. 

This cylinder vacuum cleaner is smaller than last year’s model, but still has Dyson’s famous ‘ball’ for increased manoeuvrability. We won’t know until we get it into our lab if it really is easier to use, but you can see the results of the previous models, the DC38 cylinder vacuum cleaner and DC39 cylinder vacuum cleaner, in our tough tests.

Dyson upright vacuum

The DC50 upright vacuum cleaner has a new cleaning head which, with a combination of nylon and carbon fibre bristles, aims to collect more dust. A clever self-adjusting mechanism in the head allows it to change from hard floors to carpet, allowing it to make better contact with the floor. 

This model is also smaller than the previous DC41 upright vac, and encompasses the ‘ball’. Take a look at our reviews of the previous models, the DC40 upright vacuum cleaner and DC41 upright vacuum cleaner, to find out how well they did in our lab tests.

The DC50 vacuum cleaner is available to buy now and the DC47 vacuum cleaner will be available on 12 November 2012.

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