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Is Fairy the longest-lasting washing-up liquid?

ASA backs Fairy claim to last twice as long

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The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that Fairy Liquid can claim to last ‘twice as long’ as its main competitor, Persil.

Unilever, the maker of Persil, complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after Procter & Gamble launched its ‘twice as long’ campaign, comparing Fairy Liquid to the ‘next-best selling brand’.

However, Procter & Gamble were able to provide enough evidence from tests to support the claim that Fairy Liquid lasts at least twice as long as Persil, and so the ASA ruled in Fairy’s favour.

Which? tests washing-up liquid 

We test washing-up liquids to make your life easier, finding the best products that really cut through grease and grime. The latest version of Fairy Liquid was not available for our most recent tests, but we have sent the newest formulation to the Which? test lab and will be bringing brand new Fairy results to you soon.

Which? washing-up liquid expert, Katie Benson, said: ‘Out of every £3 spent on washing-up liquid in the UK, £2 goes on Fairy, so it’s a very important brand in our tests. We’re looking forward to sharing the results of our new Fairy Liquid tests in the next few weeks and comparing Fairy to the other big brands’.

In our most recent tests, the Best Buy washing-up liquids were supermarket own-brand products. The top performer washed 27 small plates with just one squirt, so Fairy could have a major competitor on its hands. Which? members can find all the details of our latest tests in our guide to the best washing-up liquids. If you’re not a member yet, try Which? for £1 to get instant access to our results.

Skip the washing up

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