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Great value washing-up liquid tops our tests

We uncover two new Best Buys and three Don’t Buys

Best Buy vs Don't Buy washing-up liquid

We first tested washing-up liquid in 1959, and 55 years later we know which tough tests will reveal the best washing-up liquids to save you time, effort and money. 

Washing-up liquid isn’t usually the priciest item on anyone’s shopping list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make savings that add up over the course of the year without compromising on grease-busting power.

We’ve just tested 13 washing-up liquids from big brands – including Ecover, Fairy and Persil – and major supermarkets. And the best washing-up liquid in our latest test washes twice as many as the worst, and costs half the price.

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The evolution of washing-up liquid

Back in 1959, washing-up liquids were brand new products in the UK. We ran our first tests of dishwashing products and many of them were multi-purpose soap powders or flakes that could also be used to wash clothes, bedlinen and even carpets.

Number of plates cleaned by best and worst washing up liquids The best washing-up liquids can wash more than twice as many plates (left) than the worst (right)

The specialised, concentrated liquids of today are much more powerful and easier to use, but they aren’t all perfect.

Even now, plenty of washing-up liquids show room for improvement, with some turning washing-up from a dull chore into a tedious mix of scrubbing, scraping and disappointment.

So we put them through our tough tests to let you know which ones are worth buying.

Washing-up liquids tested

We’ve just tested the following washing-up liquids:

  • Aldi Magnum Premium, 79p for 500ml
  • Asda Original, 59p for 500 ml
  • Ecover Gentle Touch Mango & Shea Butter, £2.29 for 500ml
  • Ecover Lemon & Aloe Vera, £1.50 for 500ml
  • Fairy Platinum Original, £1.70 for 383ml
  • Lidl W5 Original, 99p for 1000ml
  • Lidl W5 Ultra-concentrated, 59p for 500ml
  • Method Ultra-concentrated Clementine, £3.00 for 532ml
  • Morrisons Original, 53p for 450ml
  • Persil Lemon Burst, £1 for 500ml
  • Sainsbury’s Original, 80p for 450ml
  • Tesco Expert Lemon, £1.30 for 450ml
  • Tesco Lemon, 80p for 450ml

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