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Dyson claims new humidifier kills 99.9% of bacteria

Dyson humidifier launching soon in the UK

Dyson humidifier

The Dyson humidifier uses ultraviolet light to treat the water it dispenses

Popular British brand Dyson has just launched the Dyson humidifier claiming that it will kill 99.9% bacteria in the water it dispenses into your room.

Dyson says that its humidifier, which puts moisture back into the air in your home, can help to protect you from viruses and can even prevent dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

UPDATE 05/03/2015: The Dyson humidifier launched on 5 March 2015, joining the brand’s Air Multiplier range. It is for sale exclusively at John Lewis with an RRP of £499.95.

Which? hasn’t tested humidifiers, but we have reviewed a range of dehumidifiers, products which do the opposite and help to draw moisture out of the air – particularly useful for curing issues with damp and mould. 

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Dyson humidifier technology

Water in the tank of the Dyson humidifier is exposed to an ultraviolet light that Dyson says will kill 99.9% of the bacteria that can be found in it. In some ordinary humidifiers the water that is dispersed into the air from the machine isn’t treated, which Dyson says can be unhygienic.

The Dyson humidifier can also measure the indoor climate and assess the temperature and moisture of the air before adjusting the level of water it distributes into the room. It can apparently run for up to 18 hours on one tank of water and also works as a fan in warmer temperatures.

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Humidifier or dehumidifier?

Dyson has created its humidifier to help relieve the problems associated with an overly dry environment, which can include dehydrated skin, chapped lips and blocked sinuses, as well as potentially improving symptoms of eczema and other skin conditions. It also says that humidified air can protect against cold and flu viruses.

But too much humidity can also cause problems for your home. Which? dehumidifier expert Matthew Knight says: ‘Dehumifidiers work by drawing excess moisture from the air, which can help to combat condensation, mould and damp on walls as well as peeling paint and wallpaper. We’ve tested models ranging from £50 to £300 to help you find the best option to dehumidify your home quickly and quietly.’

Buying the Dyson humidifier

The Dyson humidifier has currently launched in Japan and will be available in the UK from March next year. You’ll be able to buy it on Dyson’s website or from John Lewis at between £400 and £500.

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