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Which? dehumidifier reviews reveal the good, the bad and the noisy

Three are so effective they earned Best Buy awards

A picture of the Argos MDT-10DMN3 Value 10 Litre dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers work best in a warm room

With the first of autumn’s cooler, wetter days rapidly approaching, we have tested 14 of the latest dehumidifiers to find the best at stamping out the humidity that can contribute to condensation and damp in your home.

The good news is that three of the 14 models we’ve just tested do such a great job that they’ve earned our Best Buy recommendation. Any one of these will quickly remove moisture from the air, without running up a huge energy bill.

The models on test cover a wide range of price brackets, and include brands such as Blyss, Challenge, DeLonghi, Dimplex, Ebac, Electrolux and Meaco. Which? members can log in to view all our dehumidifier reviews.

Dehumidifier running costs

Daily activities such as cooking, bathing and drying laundry produce water vapour, which can lead to problems with excess moisture, condensation, and even mould. Simple measures like opening a bathroom window after showering and drying your clothes outdoors instead of on a radiator are free. But there are times when a dehumidifier is called for, and as they’re often left running for several hours at a time, it pays to choose one with low running costs.

We test all our dehumidifiers in a specially designed climate-controlled test room where we measure how much electricity each one uses to suck a litre of water out of the moisture laden air. The most energy efficient dehumidifier on test used just 12p worth of electricity, but the least efficient guzzled an eye watering 83p worth. Over time this could make a noticeable difference to your annual fuel bill. 

Our dehumidifier comparison tool can help you to narrow your search for the best model for you. So whether you’re after excellent energy efficiency or the quietest dehumidifier on the block, we can help you find your perfect dehumidifier.

What to look for in a dehumidifier

Which? senior researcher Matthew Knight says: ‘There’s no denying that some dehumidifiers make quite a racket, which can be irritating if you need to run them for long periods. Happily, our noise assessment rating shows that not all models should be tarred with the same brush – the latest group of dehumidifiers we’ve tested include a couple that score four stars and aren’t too noisy.’

Many dehumidifiers can be set up to drain the water away continuously using a hose, but you’ll need to have a suitable low-level drain nearby for it to run into. If this isn’t possible you’ll want to consider the size of the collection tank; a small tank will mean you have to empty it more often, which could be inconvenient.

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