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Tefal launches small steam generator irons

Will the new irons produce crease-free results?

Tefal Effectis-Steam

Household brand Tefal has launched a new range of ultra-compact steam generator irons. Tefal says the new Effectis range irons are its smallest ever powerful steam generators. But how will they perform in our rigorous tests?

Steam generator irons are designed to pump out a great deal more steam than a conventional iron, which means much quicker and easier ironing. 

They usually have around three times the capacity of a normal steam iron, so you shouldn’t have to refill as often. Tefal’s new Effectis range will consist of two new much smaller steam generator irons, with prices starting at £149.99.

We’ll send these to our test lab soon, so we can bring you our expert verdict. Find out how other Tefal irons have performed in our tests by visiting our Tefal steam irons reviews

Which? first impressions of new Tefal irons

Tefal says its new irons are much easier to store because of their size, and insist that despite their affordable price tag, they will still pack a punch in terms of power.

Our irons expert Jessica O’Leary says: ‘Steam generator irons can be bulky and difficult to store and some may even be too heavy to balance on your ironing board. 

‘These smaller versions from Tefal could offer a lighter, compact alternative. However, only our full lab tests reveal whether they’ll leave your clothes perfectly smooth and help you power through your ironing pile in no time.’ 

Take a look at our Tefal steam irons guide for more information on Tefal models. 

Should you buy a steam generator iron?

It’s definitely worth considering a steam generator iron if you regularly iron lots of large items like duvet covers and sheets.

They’re powerful against deep creases and lighter than a lot of irons, as the water is held in a separate tank. However, they can be noisy and some take a long time to heat up.  

Our testing has also revealed that there can be big differences between the best and the worst steam generator irons. Some of the models we’ve tested actually produce less steam than the best standard irons, so make sure you look at our steam iron reviews to find the best steam generator before you buy. 

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