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New Best Buy washing-up liquids revealed

Fairy Liquid, Persil and own-brands on test

Best Buy and Don't Buy washing-up liquids compared on how many plates they can wash per 100ml

A Best Buy washing-up liquid can clean two and a half times as many plates as a Don’t Buy

Choose one of the three Best Buy washing-up liquids revealed in our latest tests and you’ll breeze through washing-up after summer parties and barbecues – and you could save money, too.

When your party is over, the task of scrubbing and scraping your way through piles of dirty plates begins. The best washing-up liquids will make this task easier by breaking down fat and grease. 

Plus they’ll tackle two and a half times as many plates as the worst-scoring washing-up liquids in our test.

We’ve just tested 15 washing-up liquids from big brands – including Fairy, Persil and Ecover – and major supermarkets. Besides Best Buys, our tests revealed two washing-up liquids that scored so poorly we’ve named them Don’t Buys.

Want to know which washing-up liquids are best? Head to our Best Buy washing-up liquids.

Great value washing-up liquid

Washing-up liquid probably isn’t the priciest item on your shopping list, but you can still save money without compromising on cleaning power. 

Our tests revealed two great value washing-up liquids which cost less than one third (per 100ml) of the priciest washing-up liquid on test.

Also, as a Best Buy washing-up liquid can wash more grimy plates than the worst, you’ll save money because you’ll buy fewer bottles in the long run. 

Toughest ever tests

Baked-on fat is the most difficult foodstuff to wash off by hand, according to 61% of Which? members who regularly wash up* . So we’ve added a new ‘tough grease’ test that has revealed big differences between products.

Our tests also measure how well each washing-up liquid removes lighter fat and grease, such as lard and oil, how long the foam lasts when you’re cleaning less intense everyday grime, and how many plates you can wash per 100ml.

Washing-up liquids that score top marks are great a choice for doing your washing-up after a barbecue or Sunday roast. Those that score poorly will leave you using extra elbow grease to shift the worst grime.

*(Online survey of 829 Which? members who regularly wash up by hand, June 2015)

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