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Three new Best Buy dehumidifiers revealed by Which?

Pricey and cheap dehumidifiers go head-to-head

Dehumidifiers 1

We’ve tested dehumidifiers from key brands such as De’Longhi, Dimplex and Meaco

We’ve tested and rated 14 new dehumidifiers from key brands such as De’Longhi, Dimplex and Meaco. Three dehumidifiers rose to the top to earn our Best Buy recommendation.

The best dehumidifier on test is easy to use, does a brilliant job of pulling water from the air at room temperature, does well in colder conditions and is really energy efficient. So it quickly dries out rooms without costing you too much to run.

Two other Best Buys also sailed through our tests, excelling enough across the board to join our list of the top dehumidifiers we’ve seen.

It’s not a completely rosy tale, though – we’ve also uncovered two models that didn’t perform well in our expert tests. These dehumidifiers will take longer than our Best Buys to dry out a room, which will be bad news for your energy bills. They also really struggled in cold conditions, so wouldn’t work well in an unheated room, like a garage.

Want to know which dehumidifiers were the best? Head to Best Buy dehumidifiers.

Expensive vs cheap dehumidifiers

There’s a £100 price difference between the cheapest and most expensive dehumidifiers on test – the Dimplex FTE10 (£120) and the Honeywell HDE020E (£220).

The Dimplex FTE10 claims to extract up to 10 litres of moisture per day, whereas the Honeywell HDE020E claims 20 litres. To put these claims to the test, we check how much water each dehumidifier pulls from the air over the space of an hour – both at room temperature and in chillier conditions.

Dehumidifiers 2

The Dimplex FTE10 (left) is £100 cheaper than the Honeywell HDE020E (right) – but which is better?

The more expensive Honeywell HDE020E also has a larger water tank than the Dimplex FTE10, and has more speed settings to choose from.

However, do its fancy features and larger price tag mean it’s any good at pulling water out of the air? We don’t take price or any extra features into account when we calculate our final test score. This means it’s easy for you to compare dehumidifiers and see which is best. 

Read our dehumidifier reviews to find out just how good each dehumidifier is. 

The best dehumidifiers for your garage

It’s likely that not all of the rooms in your house will be kept at room temperature, especially if you have a garage or conservatory.

After seeing how much water each dehumidifier draws from the air at room temperature, we turn down the temperature to a chilly 10°C.

The best dehumidifiers will continue to do an excellent or good job of pulling from the air, whereas the worst are much slower. Our full reviews separate the wheat from the chaff to help you pick a model that you’ll be happy with.

Just tested: new dehumidifier reviews

Check out our latest dehumidifier reviews, listed below in alphabetical order. All you need to do is click and read the individual reviews to find the best dehumidifier for your home.

  • £180 De’Longhi DEX12
  • £190 De’Longhi DEX14
  • £120 Dimplex FTE10
  • £160 Dimplex FTE16
  • £180 Dimplex FTE20
  • £130 EcoAir DC12
  • £155 EcoAir DD122FW MK5 Classic
  • £199 Electrolux EXD16DN3W
  • £180 Electrolux EXD20DN3W
  • £160 Honeywell HDE010E
  • £220 Honeywell HDE020E
  • £150 LOGIK L20DHW12
  • £130 Meaco 10L Small Home
  • £160 Meaco 12L Low Energy Platinum

(Prices are correct as of 02 November 2015 and are subject to change.)

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