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Safety warning: Argos dehumidifier fire risk

Potential fire hazard with some 10 litre models

Argos 10 litre dehumidifier Fire risk: the Argos 10 litre dehumidifier has been recalled over safety fears

Argos has recalled some of its 10 litre dehumidifiers as certain models could overheat and catch fire. 

The recall affects models sold between June 2006 and December 2008 which look like the one pictured (right). 

If you think you own this dehumidifier you should stop using it immediately.

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What to do if you own an Argos dehumidifier

Agros hasn’t released a list of affected model numbers, so if you own an Argos dehumidifier that looks like this we recommend you switch it off and unplug it straight away. 

You should then call Argos on 0800 389 4039 or 0370 2422993 for advice. Argos has said it will give a full refund for affected models.  

Which? dehumidifier reviews

We’ve extensively lab-tested dehumidifiers and have found that spending more doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll get the best product. In our tests, some pricey models were slow at extracting water.

We can also reveal that some dehumidifiers aren’t suitable for chilly environments (such as a garage). One model froze when we set the room temperature to a fresh 10°C, meaning it couldn’t extract any more water from the air. 

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