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Control your heating from your phone with new smart Flow boiler

Eco RF boiler has remote diagnostics and controls

Flow Eco RF boiler

The Flow Eco RF boiler can be controlled with your smartphone

Energy company Flow has tapped into the smart home trend by launching a boiler that you can control from your smartphone. 

The smartphone control means that if you find yourself coming home earlier than usual, you can turn the boiler on ahead of time to get the house warmed up. It also solves the problem of forgetting to turn the heating off when you leave the house. 

Flow claims the Eco RF is uniquely innovative in sending messages to your installer if something’s not running as it should. If your installer receives an alert, they can log in to your boiler and tweak its settings from their office, saving you from a possibly inconvenient home visit. Flow says that this means your boiler can be running in the most effective and efficient way at all times.

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Smart thermostats

The Flow RF isn’t the only smart boiler on the market – the Worcester Bosch Wave is another well-known example. 

But even if you’re not in the market for a new boiler, you can still use your phone to control the temperature of your home – with a smart thermostat.  

Some very clever smart thermostats can even turn off when they detect everyone is out of the house, or use the weather conditions to decide the heating levels that your home needs.

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Save money with smart lighting

You can also potentially save money on your energy bills with smart lighting which allows your to schedule your lighting to your routine and control it from your phone. 

This could be just one or two smart light bulbs, or a full smart lighting system such as Lightwave RF.

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Which? boiler reviews

Our boiler reviews are built on a huge customer survey that we carry out annually – last year’s was made up of nearly 11,000 Which? members. This allows us to tell you which brands are the most reliable, and which are rated highest by their owners.

This is combined with the in-depth expertise of 110 Which? Trusted Trader heating engineers. We ask them whether they would recommend each brand of boiler, and how easy that brand’s boilers are to repair, so you can to find out whether you’re likely to get hit with a big bill if it does break down.

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