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Small TVs – Which? reviews the latest 24 and 32-inch models

New sets from Sony and Panasonic tested in our lab

small TVs 24 and 32-inch TVs Panasonic Sony

Television brands are bringing features typically found on bigger, more expensive sets to smaller screens this year, so choosing a small-screen TV shouldn’t mean making big compromises.

But if you’re looking for something a little more modest than the huge TVs that dominate the shop shelves, it can be difficult to find the quality you want. As manufacturers continue to push their premium 55 and 65-inch TVs, we’ve noticed that those 32 inches or smaller often fall by the wayside.

Here, we take a closer look at the latest 24 and 32-inch models from Sony and Panasonic to see if great things really do come in small packages.

Best 32-inch TVs – discover the top small TVs from our testing

24 and 32-inch TVs on test

Panasonic TX-32ES503B, £380

Freeview Play will surely be the biggest selling point of this 32-inch Panasonic set. Once connected to your wi-fi, this handy smart electronic programme guide integrates catch-up TV services, such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub, directly into the programme chooser. It also comes with both a Freeview HD and Freesat-licenced satellite HD tuner.

Bear in mind, though, that the screen is only HD-ready resolution. While you don’t find 4K Ultra HD on screens this small (the quality of human vision makes it fairly redundant on screens any smaller than 40 inches), many come with slightly higher Full-HD resolution screens.

Read our full Panasonic TX-32ES503B review for more.

Panasonic TX-24ES500B, £280

Closely related to the model above, this 24-inch Panasonic misses out on the Freesat HD tuner but still comes with Freeview Play – a rarity among TVs this size. Again, it’s only HD ready, so lacking the detail you’ll get from a Full-HD TV.

If you’re looking for a small TV for the kitchen or bedroom, this set could be the one for you. Find out if our expert viewing panel were impressed by reading our Panasonic TX-24ES500B review.

Sony KDL32WE613BU, £340

Somewhat bizarrely, this HD-ready 32-inch Sony comes kitted out with high dynamic range (HDR) but not 4K Ultra HD. These two technologies typically go hand in hand – 4K giving crisper detail from extra pixels and HDR producing a wider spread of colours and contrast. But this is one of the few 32-inch HDR TVs you’ll see.

It’s certainly one of the better-looking TVs in this size range – something we’re used to seeing from Sony. But it’s not just about looks. Check out our expert KDL32WE613BU review to find out if this TV’s performance impressed in the lab.

Sony KDL32RE403BU, £350

Sony’s KDL-32RE403BU is a compact 32-inch TV with a modest price and the pedigree of a well-respected brand in its favour. Again, despite its HD-ready screen, it supports HDR.

It lacks the smart-TV functionality found on the KDL32WE613BU. Instead, this is a much more back-to-basics TV, with a Freeview HD tuner for watching broadcast telly but not a great deal more. That said, the design is nice again – a more premium look than the typically boxy sets in this part of the market.

Read our full Sony KDL32RE403BU review for all the results from our testing.

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