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Is this car seat the answer for heavier toddlers?

The Joie Bold is a group 1/2/3 child car seat with a harness that can be used with children weighing up to 25kg. Read our review

Is this car seat the answer for heavier toddlers?

Joie has launched the Joie Bold car seat, a Group 1/2/3 car seat with a harness that can be used with children weighing up to 25kg. We’ve put it through our crash tests along with all the latest, most popular baby and child car seat models, including one i-Size innovation. You can find out the results below.

If you have a toddler too young to go in a high-backed booster (Group 2/3), but over the 18kg weight limit for a Group 1 seat, what do you do? Well you might reach for the Joie Bold (£175). This multi-group child car seat is approved for use with children from 9kg to 36kg. That’s around 12 months old to 12 years old. But the harness can be used on children up to 25kg (around seven years old), forward-facing.

Joie Bold review

There aren’t a large number of child car seat options available on the market for heavier toddlers, since Britax withdrew a similar feature on its AdvansaFix range, so we were interested to find out how well the Joie Bold would do in our crash tests.

Multigroup car seats, such as this one, can be harder to install. Read our Joie Bold car seat review for our full crash test results, to see if this one is any different.

The Joie Bold isn’t the only problem-solving car seat we’ve just reviewed. If you’ve been looking for an i-Size baby car seat that you can use as part of a travel system, read on.

Recaro Zero.1 Elite

i-Size baby car seats may be approved as meeting the new, tougher car seat regulations, but there is one drawback to them. These from-birth seats stay permanently fixed in your car, unlike Group 0+ baby car seats, which can be used as part of a travel system on a pushchair. New to the market from Recaro is the Zero.1 Elite i-Size baby car seat (£195). It’s rearward-facing and suitable from birth up until around four years old (105cm). The innovative design of this seat means that the main part stays in your car but there’s a removable newborn seat, which can be used as part of a travel system, solving this issue.

Sometimes, our car seat experts see features which are more gimmick than useful addition. Read our Recaro Zero.1 Elite car seat review to find out whether this innovative seat passed our tougher crash tests.

Which? child car seat crash tests

  • Our unique child car seat reviews are the result of crash testing that Which? carries out with its European car-seat partners.
  • We crash test child car seats in two specially designed crash scenarios.
  • Each seat reviewed is crash tested in a frontal-impact crash scenario and a side-impact crash scenario, as these most accurately reflect the crashes you could have in your car.
  • Car seats approved to the older car-seat rules (R44.04) don’t go through a side-impact crash test before they go on sale. This is one of the reasons why we see differences between our testing and seats already for sale on the UK market.
  • We combine the results of our crash tests with expert assessments of comfort, ease of use and ease of installation. It’s not about how quick car seats are to install, it’s about how much of a risk there is of getting it wrong and potentially affecting the protection it will provide in a crash. Making sure your car seat is fitted correctly will help it give the best protection.

Best Buy car seats are the safest in our crash tests, and are easy to use and have a low risk of you installing them incorrectly. We report on the worst-case scenario for each seat we review, so the ones that come out as car seat Best Buys really are good. We’re also not afraid to name and shame those models you should watch out for for different reasons. Make sure you avoid our car seat Don’t Buys.

Child car seat reviews

Get detailed reviews and expert verdicts on each of the baby and child car seats we’ve just tested, via the links below:

Prices correct as of 23 October 2017.

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