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Bosch vs Beko washing machine: which is best?

Features and performance of the latest Bosch and Beko washing machines compared

Bosch vs Beko washing machine: which is best?

Bosch and Beko are two of the most popular washing machine brands, with around one-in-three machines in UK homes coming from the two brands. But they’re very different when it comes to price.

You’ll pay from £280 to £800 or more for a Bosch washing machine, but you can pick up a Beko for £180 with a top-of-the-range Beko clocking in at just £380.

We take a look at the pros and cons of each brand to find out which is best, whether it’s worth paying more for a Bosch, or whether you can get away with saving money and bagging yourself a Beko.

If you already know which Bosch or Beko washing machine you’re after, head straight to our washing machine reviews.

Bosch washing machines

Bosch washing machines can be cheaper than you might think. Prices start at less than £300, and for this you’ll get a machine that looks promising on paper.

Entry-level Bosch machines, such as the Bosch WAB28162 (£299, pictured below), come with small-ish 6kg drums, but they spin fast at 1,400rpm and their A+++ energy labels show that they’re among the best out there for energy.

And even on cheaper Bosch machines, the ‘Speed perfect’ option allows you to tailor your wash. This setting cuts some laundry day corners to wash a load in an hour.

At the top of the price range, machines such as the Bosch WAWH8660GB (£819, pictured below) are wi-fi connected and wash with automatically dispensed i-Dos detergent.

You can set it using your smartphone and the Bosch Home Connect App.

But while drum capacities are larger, even at the top of the range, this Bosch is no faster at spinning or significantly more energy efficient than some cheaper Bosch machines.

Recent Bosch washing machine reviews

Here are some more of the latest Bosch washing machine reviews we’ve published so you can take your pick

Freestanding: Bosch WAT24463GB (£599)

This 9kg 1,200rpm spin machine comes with Bosch’s EcoSlient Drive, which exists to make washing quieter. Bosch’s VarioPerfect setting allows you to wash quicker or reduce energy use.

It’s badged A+++ for energy and we awarded it a satisfactory three stars for energy in our tests.

Read our full review of the Bosch WAT24463GB.

Built-in/integrated: Bosch WIW28500GB (£709)

This neat, integrated washing machine comes with the Bosch TimeLight function, a projected light showing the remaining wash time on the kitchen floor.

We give it three stars out of five for noise, energy use and program length.

Find out how it scores for washing, spinning and rinsing in our full review of this Bosch WIW28500GB.

Pros of Bosch washing machines

  • Plenty of choice, from basic and manual to self-dosing and smart.
  • Quiet machines that don’t take too long to wash.
  • Low energy use and high spin speeds on cheap Bosch machines.

Cons of Bosch washing machines

  • More expensive than comparable machines.
  • Smart is cheaper on other brands.

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Beko washing machines

Beko washing machines tick the affordable box for most people – you can buy a Beko washing machine for less than £200. But at this price, you could end up with a machine with a small 5kg drum and a 1,000rpm spin.

We’ve tested Beko washing machines at this price with larger drums and faster spins, such as the Beko WTB1041R2W and Beko WTG820M1W (pictured below left to right).


At the top of the range, you’ll find fast spinning 1,400rpm and 1,600rpm models with 8kg to 10kg drums, and most sporting the most energy efficient A+++ badge for energy use, such as the Beko WR84PB44DW (pictured below).

You’ll pay less than £400 for this kind of fast, roomy and efficient Beko machine.

Recent Beko washing machine reviews

Freestanding: Beko WY84244G (£320)

We’ve recently tested the 8kg Beko WY84244G. It’s clad in graphite with a stylish chrome door rim. It’s a fast spinner at 1,400rpm and the A+++ energy label means it’s up there with the best for energy.

Interesting programs include the two fast 14 and 28-minute wash options.

Read our full review of this Beko WY84244G. 

Built-in/integrated: Beko WIR86540F1 (£380)

We’ve also tested the Beko WIR86540F1 built-in (integrated) washing machine, which at £380 won’t break the bank.

The 1,600rpm spin is as fast as any and it washes a healthy 8kg of clothes. And it’s A+++ energy label means that it’s letting nobody down when it comes to energy use.

Read our full review of the Beko WIR86540F1.

Pros of Beko washing machines

  • Prices are attractively low across the range.
  • Many machines are up there with the best for low energy use.
  • Some Beko integrated washing machines still come with roomy drums.

Cons of Beko washing machines

  • The main wash programmes on some Beko washing machines aren’t quick.
  • Water-use is high on some Beko machines.

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Latest washing machine reviews

If you don’t fancy any of the machines featured, we’ve recently reviewed 11 more of the most popular freestanding and built-in washing machines. Follow the links for our verdict on each machine. Or you can go straight to the models we liked the most in our round-up of Best Buy washing machines.

Bush WMDFX1014W £260
Candy GVSC169T3 £260
Candy CVS1492D3 £265
Hoover DWFT411AH7-80 £400
Hoover DXOA69LW3-80 £290
Hoover DXOA58AK3R-80 £300
Indesit IWC71252ECO £180
Samsung WW90M741NOR £1,020
Whirlpool FWL71253WUK £300

Built-in/integrated washing machines

Baumatic BWMI147D-80 £320
Hoover HBWM916TAHC-80 £400

Prices correct as of 22 August 2018.

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