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Is it worth splashing out for a new Miele washing machine?

With a clutch of new and tech-filled smart Miele washing machines being launched, we give you our take on the new machines, plus our pick of older and cheaper Mieles to consider

Is it worth splashing out for a new Miele washing machine?

Miele has just launched its new range of washing machines. All the new Miele washing machines are smart, filled to bursting with the latest tech and Miele claims they’ll all slash your energy use.

But are they worth the hefty £1,500+ price tag? Or are there bargains to be had if you go for one of the older Miele washing machines, now they’ve been superseded?

These new Miele models are currently having their washing, spinning and rinsing prowess tested at our laboratory.

Read on for our expert’s first impressions, plus a comparison of these new Miele washing machines versus the old models. Or head straight our Miele washing machine reviews for our full verdict on all the models we’ve tested.

New Miele washing machines

Miele WCR860 WPS (£1499)

The new Miele WCR860 WPS arms owners with a full suite of tech to improve laundry day. You can use your smartphone to set it using Miele’s WiFiConn@ct app. But if manual controls are your preference, you’ll enjoy swiping to set your programs using the new touchscreen on the machine itself. These two features make the Miele feel right up-to-date.

This model also includes Miele’s TwinDos detergent dispensing system – you simply fill up the tank and it will dispense the right amount each time you wash. And you also get Miele’s CapDosing system, which allows you to use specialist Miele detergent or fabric softener capsules to clean, soften or fragrance your clothes.

This machine comes equipped with Miele’s PowerWash 2.0 – designed to cut wash times and be energy wise, Miele claims that it goes beyond the A+++ energy label in further reducing energy use by an additional 40%. It does this by reducing the amount of wash-water that needs to be heated.

We calculate the annual running costs of all the washing machines we review. Use our interactive widget to compare models and find the most energy-efficient washing machine for your budget.


Miele WCR870 WPS (£1,599)

You’ll pay an extra £100 for the Miele WCR870 WPS, and before you splash out you should know that it’s basically the same tech-loaded machine as the WCR860. The only difference is the control panel on the WCR870, which is slightly angled upwards, whereas the WCR860 has the standard Miele flat-fronted panel.

This could be a great machine – we’ll find out once we’ve completed our full testing. But we think £100 is a high price for a slightly angled control panel.

Miele WWR860 WPS (£1649)

Another jump in price brings us to the WWR860 WPS and, again, it’s a very similar machine to the two cheaper Mieles above. The only difference is the door design. Rather than coming with a more traditional-looking chrome-rimmed door, the WWR860 WPS has a newly designed concave and largely white door with a chrome trim.

Only our lab tests will reveal just how good this Miele is at washing clothes. But we think that £150 is a lot extra to pay for a slightly different door design.

Miele WCR890 WPS (£1999)

At the top end of the price range you’ll find the WCR890 WPS. This new Miele washing machine combines all of the features found on the cheaper machines we’ve profiled above, but also features Miele’s SteamCare system, which is designed to reduce ironing time. It can either be used as part of the wash or independently, for clothes that only need to be refreshed. Miele calls this feature ‘Finish Steam’.

The WCR890 WPS combines all of the tech Miele has to offer and could well be a brilliant washing machine. Our tests will show for sure, but we’d advise only shelling out the extra £500 if steam-washing is hugely important to you.

The results of our wash tests and our full reviews of the Miele WCR860 WPS (£1,499), Miele WCR870 WPS (£1,599), Miele WWR860 WPS (£1,649) and the Miele WCR890 WPS (£1,999) will be published in November.

Older and cheaper Miele washing machines

If you’re looking for a Miele washing machine, and won’t be tempted by any other brand, then it’s worth looking at older machines to bag a bargain. Earlier models will deliver Miele’s reputation for quality but at a lower price.

Here’s our pick of older and cheaper Miele washing machines to take a look at:

Miele WWE320 WPS PowerWash (£829)

The Miele WE320 WPS PowerWash is six months older than the very newest Miele machines, but at this price, it’s worth adding to your shortlist if you’re looking for a new Miele washing machine. Like the latest Mieles, it has the energy-saving PowerWash and built-in fragrance dispensing, provided through CapDosing.

All of this makes the WWE320 one to consider if you want a cheaper Miele, are happy to set it manually and add your own detergent. It also comes with a two year-guarantee.

Find out how it did in our tests by reading our full review of the Miele PowerWash WWE320.

Miele WI WDD030 (£725)

This March 2017 vintage Miele is worth considering – just look at the price! For less than half the price of the new-range Mieles, you get a washing machine roomy enough for most housholds, and which also helps to fragrance or soften your laundry through the CapDosing system. And it scores top marks for energy efficiency, too. In our tests we found it easy to use and frugal with water. It’s one for your shortlist if you’re looking for Miele quality but can live without cutting edge tech on wash day.

Find out how well it washes clothes by reading our full review of this Miele WI WDD030 washing machine.

Black Friday is coming

Should I wait for Black Friday to buy a new Miele?

Miele washing machines live at the premium end of the appliance price range, and we don’t expect to see colossal price drops on or around Black Friday. And as upgrading your washing machine should be a task only when your current one fails, it would make sense to wait before you buy in almost all cases.

Miele washing machines – pros and cons

Find out more about the good and the bad of Miele washing machines.

Pros: There’s loads to love about Miele washing machines. They do a lot of things very well. They’re built to last, water-use is kept low on most of the machines we’ve seen, and some can be very quiet. And remember the build quality – there are some heavy-duty components used in Miele machines that you simply won’t find on other premium brands.

Cons: The price of Miele washing machines will be a barrier for many shoppers. Few of us want to pay more than £700 for a washing machine, let alone the £1,500+ price of the new Miele washing machines. And in terms of tech, Miele isn’t always the first to offer new features. Other brands, such as Hoover and Samsung for example, beat Miele when it came to launching smart washing machines.

To find out more about how robust Miele machines are, check out our most reliable washing machine brands.


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