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Black Friday 2019: how much do you need to pay for a good washing machine?

With so many apparently good deals for washing machines being pushed your way this Black Friday, we share how much you’ll need to spend to get a great machine

Black Friday 2019: how much do you need to pay for a good washing machine?

Need a new washing machine this Black Friday? You’ll see plenty at eye-catchingly low prices with many machines selling for not much more than £150.

But our testing shows that if you go for a cheap machine you run the risk of ending up with a dud rather than a diamond this Black Friday.

See our pick of the top five best cheap washing machines or read on to find out the best you can get for your budget and what to avoid this Black Friday.

Best Currys Black Friday deals

‘I have less than £250 to spend on a washing machine this Black Friday’

We’ve only found one washing machine recently that’s good enough to be a Best Buy at this low price, and 14 did such a dismal job we’ve added them to our list of Don’t Buy washing machines to avoid.

You won’t find super-high spin speeds at this price, with some machines for sale still chugging along at 1,000rpm.

This kind of pedestrian spin speed will mean your clothes are much damper than they could be at the end of the program.

Drum sizes tend to be on the small side and, most importantly, when it comes to washing clothes we’ve found too many bargain-basement washing machines that just can’t shift stains properly.

Washing machine brands to investigate at this price include CandyHotpoint, Hoover and Indesit.


Hoover DHL1482DR3R, £259 – set it from a smart phone

If you’re looking for a smart washing machine, the
Hoover DHL1482DR3R, (£259) comes in just above the £250 cut-off. 

Take a look at the top five best washing machines for 2019

High prices don’t guarantee quality washing machines

  • There are more than 30 washing machines so bad at cleaning clothes that we’ve made them Don’t Buys.
  • Three of the worst washing machines we’ve tested are on sale for more than £500.
  • Prices for Don’t Buy washing machines start from as little as £170.
  • Look beyond the price tag when you’re shopping for a washing machine this Black Friday.

‘I can spend up to £350 on a washing machine’

Pay a bit more and you give yourself a much better chance of picking a great machine.

Trade up to a £350 washing machine and you’ll find a whole load of machines with much roomier drums and super-fast spin speeds – a 9kg drum and a 1,400rpm spin aren’t uncommon at this price.

At this higher price you will also find a selection of tech-heavy smart washing machines that can be controlled through a smartphone.

Brands of washing machine you’ll be able to afford at this price point include: Beko, John Lewis, Whirlpool and Zanussi, and the good news is that there are plenty of Best Buy washing machines if you’re willing to spend this much.

We’ve just reviewed the Beko WX104044E0W (£349) which promises to harness the power of steam to blast away creases at the end of the wash.

Beko WX104044E0W, £349 – offers steam to soften creases and Bluetooth to download wash  programs

‘I can stretch to £500’

If you can afford £500 for a washing machine this Black Friday, you give yourself a much better chance of bagging yourself a Best Buy.

With this much in your budget, you’ll find 30 Best Buys, and Don’t Buys that can’t wash properly are thin on the ground.

Samsung QuickDrive + AddWash WW80M645OPW, £579 – add items mid-wash

At this price you’ll find that many washing machines do a very good job of removing stains.

Drum capacities are larger than normal, with most holding 10kg or more.. That will be handy on washday, with the biggest machines turning two weekly washes into one.

And when you pay £500 you’ll find some machines that spin at a super-fast 1,600rpm. Many also have built-in smart tech that allows you to control them from your smartphone.

You’ll find plenty of Bosch, Samsung and Siemens washing machines this Black Friday for around the £500 mark. Take a look at the Bosch WAT2840SGB (£429), the Samsung QuickDrive + AddWash WW80M645OPW (£579) and the Siemens iQ300 WM14N201GB (£557).

Is it worth me paying more?’

If you’re shopping at the very top of the price range you should be looking for a washing machine with a large drum, a super-fast spin speed and the very best in wash-day tech.

Look for machines with neat touches, such as built-in detergent reservoirs that dispense automatically as you wash. You’ll find this on the Miele WCI660 TwinDos XL (£1,120).

Miele WCI660 TwinDos XL, £1120 – automatically dispenses detergent

And if you’re spending this much and like smart tech that allows you to run your machine from your smartphone, you’ll find plenty of machines that measure up.

But don’t think you’ll end up with a brilliant machine just by paying £500 or more – many machines we’ve tested at this price don’t come close to being Best Buys.

Brands worth doing some Black Friday homework on before you invest include AEG, LG and Miele. Check out the AEG L8FEC966CA (£749) and the LG F4V910WTS (£799).

All prices correct on 19 November 2019.

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