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Which dehumidifier brand should I buy in 2019

By Christina Woodger

Discover the best dehumidifier brands. We combine our test results with our survey of hundreds of dehumidifier owners to reveal the top dehumidifier brands.

Put us to the test

Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Try Which? to unlock our reviews. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy.

Thanks to our years of in-depth dehumidifier lab tests, combined with surveying hundreds of owners, we can reveal the brands that produce the best, most reliable dehumidifiers. And those that produce the worst.

We asked our members about the most common faults they experienced with their dehumidifiers – problems ranged from leaking to unexplained malfunctions. 

We also discovered that 24% of machines from the least reliable dehumidifier brand in our survey experienced some kind of problem in the first five years. By contrast, only 5% of those who bought from the the most reliable brand had problems. 

To make sure you don't buy a dehumidifier that's more likely to develop a fault, we've combined our testing with the findings of our owner surveys to reveal all about dehumidifier brands.

Just want to know which is the best dehumidifier for your budget? Head straight to our best dehumidifiers

Dehumidifier brands rated

We’ve pulled together our expert knowledge of dehumidifiers, which is based on years of in-depth research.  This means you can easily see which dehumidifier brands are a good bet and which ones you are best off avoiding.

For each brand, we tell you:

  • Average test score – based on all dehumidifiers we have tested from 2012 to 2017.
  • How reliable it is – we ask dehumidifier owners how and when their machines broke, so we can estimate the average life expectancy for each brand’s machines.
  • How owners rate it – we ask owners if they would recommend their dehumidifier to a friend or family member. We turn this into a percentage score, which means you can quickly discover the dehumidifier brands that are loved, and loathed, by their owners.
  • Our overall verdict – we summarise all of our testing and survey data for each brand and give it an overall verdict.

We have ratings for all the major dehumidifier brands, such as  DeLonghi, DimplexEbac and Meaco.

Only logged-in Which? members can discover which brands are the best in our table, below. 

If you're not yet a member, join Which? to unlock our results. You'll also get unrestricted access to all our other online reviews - ranging from washing machines to washing-up liquid. 

Dehumidifier machine brands rated
Dehumidifier brands rated
Brand name Average test score Reliability rating Customer score Verdict
71% 84% This brand's dehumidifiers typically do very well in our tests and have earned several Best Buys over the years. Customers have rated these dehumidifiers highly and they are very reliable, too.
72% 80% Dehumidifiers from this brand have the highest average test score, and a couple of its dehumidifiers have done so well in our tests that they are Best Buys.
59% 64% We've seen decent dehumidifiers from this brand, but their overall performance in our tests isn't the most impressive. While these machines are very reliable, customers didn't rate them very highly.
57% 64% We've seen one Best Buy from this brand but, overall, its dehumidifiers don't do very well in our tests. While still pretty reliable, customers don't rate these appliances very highly.
Table notes Reliability rating and customer score based on feedback from 544 Which? members, surveyed in May 2017.
Average test scores based on dehumidifiers tested since July 2012 and may no longer be available to purchase.


Member Content

Can't see the brand you're interested in? We couldn't report on some brands, as we didn't get enough responses from owners. So for reviews of dehumidifiers from other brands, such as Argos, Blyss, Currys and Vax, head to our independent dehumidifier reviews.

How to choose the best dehumidifier

An excellent dehumidifier is one that tackles damp and high humidity with ease, and doesn't make too much noise or use too much energy while doing it. It will also last over time and is one that you’d recommend to friends and family. At Which?, we study trends in our test results which reveal the brands that consistently produce models that can be relied on to keep excess moisture in hand. 

Some dehumidifier brands do very well in our tests, and have exceptionally good reliability scores and customer satisfaction. Others don't do as well in our tests and have been rated less highly my customers. If you're interested in a dehumidifier, check out our dehumidifier reviews.

There is one dehumidifier brand that has a Best Buy model, but the brand's dehumidifiers have a tendency to experience faults over time and are the most likely to experience a leak. You may want to avoid this brand's machines and opt for one that is more likely to keep the water away from your floors. 

Are dehumidifiers generally reliable?

We found that, on average, 82% of dehumidifiers remain fault-free for six years. The brand that tops the table for reliability, though, had 92% of its machines remain fault-free for six years. By comparison, the least reliable dehumidifier brand had 72% of its machines staying fault-free for six years. 

Dehumidifiers topped the charts in our survey for customer satisfaction and are, overall, highly rated for their reliability. Our 2017 small domestic appliance survey asked over 5,000 Which? members about the reliability of their kettles, toasters, coffee machines, irons and many other household items.  

We calculate our reliability scores based on the proportion of dehumidifiers with problems per brand in our customer survey. The results are weighted so that more serious problems account for more of the score, and we adjust the scores to account for the age of the dehumidifier, so that older models don't unfairly influence the score. Our star ratings in the table show a dehumidifiers brand’s reliability when compared with other dehumidifier brands.

Dehumidifier brands rated for reliability
Dehumidifier brands rated for reliability
Brand Score Reliability score
Table notes Reliability rating and customer score based on feedback from 544 Which? members, surveyed in May 2017.


Member Content

Common dehumidifier problems

We also asked our members to tell us which problems that had most commonly experienced with their dehumidifiers.

  • 41% of members' dehumidifiers had stopped working without any obvious reason.
  • 17% experienced problems with leaking.
  • 13% of members reported that their dehumidifier's auto function had stopped working.

Leaking problems include things like a leaky water tank or water leaking from the unit itself. An additional 11% of members reported that their dehumidifier has frosted up and stopped working. 

Dehumidifiers: top picks and one to avoid

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