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Updated: 8 Apr 2022

Best vegetable and potato peelers

We tested swivel and Y-shaped peelers to find out which vegetable and potato peeler is easiest to use and best to buy
Joey Willoughby-Rainsford

You'd think you couldn't go far wrong with a vegetable and potato peeler, but we found there can be a stark difference between a great peeler and a terrible one. 

In June 2021 we tested 10 popular peelers from brands including John Lewis, Joseph Joseph, Oxo Good Grips, ProCook and more.

Read on to discover which peeler was most impressive in our tests, whether a swivel peeler or Y-shaped peeler is best to use, and watch our video to see how you can easily sharpen a dull peeler. 

Pricing and availability last checked 7 March 2022.

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The best vegetable peeler from our tests

Best Buy: Oxo Good Grips Y-shaped peeler

Oxo Good Grips Y-shaped peeler

Cheapest price: £7 at Amazon, John Lewis. Also available at Robert Dyas

Width of peeler blade: 7.5cm

Weight: 56g

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Pick for potato eye removal, hole for hanging

Pros: Effortlessly peels fruit and vegetables, very easy to use in either hand, comfortable grip

Cons: It's incredibly sharp so use carefully

Our verdict: Hands down the best of all the vegetable and potato peelers in our tests. 

Nothing seemed too tough for the Oxo Good Grips peeler. It sliced through carrots and butternut squash with complete ease, leaving us with a neat pile of peelings. 

It was also the easiest to use thanks to its large comfortable grip, which felt sturdy yet light in our hands.

Just as with all of the vegetable peelers from our tests, this peeler was straightforward to clean after use and the hole in the handle means you can hang it or store it in a drawer. 

How the rest of the vegetable peelers from our tests fared

Here's our verdict on the rest of the vegetable and potato peelers we tested, listed alphabetically. 

Alessi Sfrido vegetable peeler

Alessi Sfrido vegetable peeler

Cheapest price: £18.26 at Amazon. Also available at Alessi, John Lewis

Width of peeler blade: 6cm

Weight: 52g

Dishwasher safe: No

Extra features: None

Pros: Lightweight and small

Cons: Not the best at peeling, hard to use

Our verdict: This expensive peeler is undeniably stylish, but it's rather lacking in terms of substance.

The Alessi Sfrido vegetable peeler was the least impressive in all of our peeling tests, which included apples, potatoes and sweet potatoes.  

The sleek design made it confusing to hold and harder to use. It isn't easy to know if you're holding it right.

On the plus side, it's very easy to wash and it won't take up much room in a drawer. But you might not want to use it that often.

Great Value: Ikea 365+ Värdefull

Ikea 365+ Värdefull

Cheapest price: £4 available at Ikea

Width of peeler blade: 6cm

Weight: 111g

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Sharp edges (wings) to remove potato eyes

Pros: Peels all vegetables and fruit well, easy to use, good grip

Cons: The sharp edges can get in the way, no hanging hole

Our verdict: Although not quite a Best Buy, Ikea's vegetable peeler is brilliant value and one of the better ones in our test.

It was easy to peel with and the blade glided through the skins of carrots, potatoes and butternut squashes alike. 

The only thing it didn't do as well on were apples, though it was still better than average. 

A design feature of this peeler is the pair of sharp edges, or wings, which extend further than the blade.

These are designed to remove potato eyes and work well for that, but they can also make it trickier to peel larger items of produce. 

John Lewis & Partners Y-shaped fruit & vegetable peeler

John Lewis & Partners y-shaped fruit & vegetable peeler

Cheapest price: £8 available at John Lewis (out of stock)

Width of peeler blade: 6.5cm

Weight: 160g

Dishwasher safe: No

Extra features: Pick for potato eye removal, hole for hanging

Pros: Great at peeling tough skin, easy to use

Cons: The heaviest peeler in our tests, less easy to peel softer skins

Our verdict: This Y-shaped peeler from John Lewis is decent enough, but you can easily get better for less. 

It did a good job at peeling through the butternut squash, the blade elegantly sliding through the thick skin. 

But this peeler wasn't nearly as smooth when peeling the other produce. 

It's also surprisingly heavy, especially compared with the others in our test. 

Joseph Joseph Multi-Peel Y-shaped peeler

Joseph Joseph Multi-Peel y-shaped peeler

Cheapest price: £9 at Amazon, John Lewis 

Width of peeler blade: 5.5cm

Weight: 49g

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Pick for potato eyes, ginger scraper, good grip

Pros: Handy tool with pick and scraper, easy to peel tough skin

Cons: No hanging hole, less smooth with softer skin

Our verdict: A pretty decent Y-shaped peeler with a wickedly sharp blade that's great for your tougher veg.

Strangely this Joseph Joseph peeler was better at peeling produce with tougher skins than it was with food that has a softer peel. 

We found it was great for slicing off the thick hide of sweet potatoes and the tough exterior of a butternut squash. 

However, when it came to carrots and apples the peeler was less smooth.

Joseph Joseph Multi-Peel straight peeler


Joseph Joseph Multi-peel straight peeler

Cheapest price: £9 available at Amazon, John Lewis 

Width of peeler blade: 5.5cm

Weight: 37g

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Pick for potato eyes, ginger scraper

Pros: Very decent peeler for most veg, handy tool with pick and scraper, comfortable grip

Cons: Not great for peeling apples, no hanging hole

Our verdict: This straight peeler from Joseph Joseph has a brilliantly sharp edge and a very comfortable grip. 

It proved to be excellent at peeling everything but apples. 

On potatoes, carrots and squash it was smooth and easy to use, but it left our apples with jagged marks and slashes.

As with all of the peelers in our tests, it was easy to wash. 

Kuhn Rikon veggie peeler

Kuhn Rikon veggie peeler

Cheapest price: £6.95 available at Amazon. Also available at Kuhn Rikon  

Width of peeler blade: 5cm

Weight: 28g

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Pick for potato eye removal

Pros: Very decent peeler for most things, comfortable grip

Cons: No hanging hole

Our verdict: Don't be fooled, this peeler may look like a toy but it was one of the best from our tests. 

The Kuhn Rikon veggie peeler impressively peels potatoes and butternut squash with ease, but it also had no problem with apples and carrots. 

It's comfortable to hold and it's small to store away, but make sure to keep out of reach of any children as it looks like a toy, but the blade is very sharp. 

Oxo Good Grips swivel peeler

OXO Good Grips swivel peeler

Cheapest price: £8.99 available at Amazon, Lakeland

Width of peeler blade: 5.5cm

Weight: 71g

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Hole for hanging

Pros: Very good peeler, easy to use, comfortable grip

Cons: Not the best for potatoes

Our verdict: This brilliant Oxo Good Grips peeler is the swivel version of our Y-peeler Best Buy, but it misses out on the top spot as it struggles with potatoes.

As we found with this type of peeler, its better at peeling long and straight vegetables such as carrots or parsnips, and its less proficient with round items, for example apples and potatoes. 

It is an outstanding peeler though, so if you prefer swivel peelers to y-shaped ones, then this is probably the best option for you. 

ProCook peeler

ProCook peeler

Cheapest price: £6 available at ProCook

Width of peeler blade: 7.5cm

Weight: 48g

Dishwasher safe: Yes, with blade safety guard

Extra features: None

Pros: Excellent peeling ability, easy to use

Cons: Not the most comfortable to grip

Our verdict: One of our favourites from our tests, this simple ProCook peeler was very nearly a Best Buy. 

This was one of the best peelers we found for both carrots and potatoes, and for everything else it did very well. 

But it was slightly outshone in peeling ability by the Oxo Good Grips Y-shaped peeler and it's also less comfortable to grip. Though this is a minor complaint in the grand scheme of things.

This veggie peeler is straightforward to wash, like all of the peelers from our test.

ProCook swivel peeler

ProCook swivel peeler

Cheapest price: £3 available at ProCook

Width of peeler blade: 5cm

Weight: 40g

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Extra features: Hole for hanging

Pros: Good at peeling potatoes and squash

Cons: Not the best for peeling apples or carrots, can take away too much peel

Our verdict: This cheap and cheerful peeler is a decent option, but there are better out there.

The swivel peeler from ProCook was effective at peeling the potato, sweet potato and butternut squash in our tests, but it only did an average job on the carrot and apple. 

When it worked well it was smooth and easy to use, taking the skin of the fruit or veg away in a sliding motion. 

When it didn't work well it took away a bit too much and left nasty gashes in the flesh of the produce. 

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Which peeler shape is the best?

Y-shape vs swivel peelers

Traditional vegetable or potato peelers comes in two basic shapes: swivel (sometimes called straight) or Y-shaped.

In terms of which is better it really comes down to what you are used to.

Generally our researchers found swivel peelers did better with long straight veg, for example carrots and parsnips. 

Y-shaped peelers are more versatile and do a better job of rounder fruit and veg, such as apples and potatoes.

Watch: how to peel potatoes like a pro

We spoke to a Toby Carvery chef who showed us how to peel potatoes and vegetables like an expert.

Watch: can you sharpen a dull peeler?

The simple answer is yes you can. 

Take a look at our video below to find out how to straighten your peeler blade, which will make it feel sharper and make it easier to peel.

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How we tested vegetable and potato peelers

Carrot peelings with peeler

To test vegetable and potato peelers we put the 10 from our selection through the following series of tests.


In our peeling test, each peeler was pitted against a carrot, apple, potato, sweet potato and half a butternut squash. 

Our researchers used the peelers to peel each item and consider how well it had done on each. 

The best peelers had no trouble with any of the items of fruit or veg and left us with a neat pile of trimmings – and smooth vegetables and fruit ready for use. 

The worst took out large gashes from the produce or struggled to slice into the thicker skins.

Ease of use

We also considered how easy each peeler was to hold, control and use. The best peelers had a comfortable grip with an intelligent design that aided the peeling motion. 

The worst sat uncomfortably in the palm of our hands and due to their design made the task more difficult. 


To test how easy the peelers were to wash, we cleaned each one in five litres of hot tap water mixed with one teaspoon of Fairy Platinum Quickwash. 

We found that all of our peelers were equally easy to wash. 

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How we chose the vegetable and potato peelers we tested

When deciding which vegetable and potato peelers to test we looked at peelers sold nationwide by UK retailers. We also decided to stick to swivel or Y-shaped peelers, not looking at any serrated, julienne, mechanical or speed peelers. 

We purchased all the products we tested. No food was wasted to bring you these results.