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13 May 2021

Best waterproof jacket brands

Discover which waterproof jacket brands are rated most favourably by Which? members and what aspects of their jackets they rate the best.
Which?Editorial team
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The best waterproof jackets for you

When shopping for a new waterproof jacket, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the vast choice available. But don’t worry, the results of our brand survey are here to help, showing you how 16 jacket brands fare across key performance areas.

For those who want a steer in the right direction, our brand survey ratings will help narrow down your waterproof jacket search. 

To help you choose the right waterproof jacket for you we surveyed the general public and our members to find out the best brands on the market. And three brands really stood out. In our survey results you can find out:

  • The three waterproof jacket brands that stood out
  • What owners particularly liked about the best brands
  • Scores for important factors such as water resistance, comfort, durability and fit
  • Average prices for the range of products

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How we rate waterproof jackets

In May 2015, members of the online Which? Connect panel took part in a survey about their waterproof jackets. We collected more than 2,300 responses. We asked them to rate their waterproof jacket on aspects such as water resistance, comfort, durability and fit. We need a minimum sample size of 30 to report on a waterproof jacket brand, and our research has allowed us to report on 16 different waterproof jacket brands.