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Inkjet vs laser printers

Top five best inkjet printers for 2019

By Andrew Laughlin

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The best inkjet printers money can buy. These Best Buy printers will give you top quality, great-value prints, whatever your printing needs.

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The best inkjets turn out good-looking text prints and stunning photos, capably handling any home printing job. That’s why most people choose an inkjet over a laser printer.

These days, the majority of inkjet printers are all-in-one models, meaning they can copy, scan and sometimes fax, as well as print. You can still buy standard inkjet printers, that only print, if you prefer.

Mono inkjets (only able to print in black-and-white) are very rare these days, with most models also supporting colour printing, such as the five brilliant Best Buy inkjet printers in the table below.

They have all gone through our rigorous lab tests to assess their quality, speed and running costs, so you won’t get caught out by nasty hidden costs. However, keep scrolling to see some of the poorly rated inkjets we've also tested. These models simply aren't worth your cash.

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Top five inkjet printers


This affordable printer gives you excellent print quality and useful wireless options, including Apple AirPrint. Printing costs are low, too. Discover what printer we’re talking about by signing up or logging in if you’re already a member.


If you’re on a tight budget, this cheap Best Buy should be on your shortlist. As well as producing good-quality prints, it scans and has wi-fi built in. Discover more by signing up or logging in.


Although it costs a lot to buy, this chunky printer is built to save you money over the long term thanks to its refillable ink tanks. Learn more by logging in or signing up to Which?.


If you want a wi-fi printer that can print up to A3 in size, this feature-rich model is a fantastic choice. You get plenty of network options and good overall print quality.


If you aren’t fussed about copying or scanning, this wi-fi print-only inkjet is well worth adding to your shortlist.

Pricing, recommendations and test scores correct at October 2018.

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And here are three inkjet printers to avoid

Most people buy an all-in-one inkjet printer. It's the most popular type and there are loads to choose from, with prices ranging from around £40 to more than £300.

Even with a cheap model, pick the wrong inkjet and your costs can spiral. High ink usage can mean poor value prints and constantly replacing cartridges. You could easily spend more on ink cartridges than the printer itself, if you pick the wrong model.

In our expert testing, we find a huge variation in the performance of printers. Some models, such as the three below, fall very short in terms of print speed, print cost and features.

Three inkjet printers to avoid


This printer promises to be a fully-featured, office workhorse that can print up to A3 in size. Instead, it is an underwhelming and expensive machine that delivers mediocre quality. Don’t waste your money on this irksome inkjet.


Low running costs are what you want from a printer, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of good print quality. This pricey beast falls down for exactly that. It’s big, slow and print quality is mixed. Avoid.


Saving money on printing costs is important, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of good-quality prints, as is the case with this model. It costs a lot to buy and just doesn’t deliver when compared with better-scoring rivals.

Avoid the printer ink wasters

Print quality is incredibly important in a printer, but so too is printing cost. Opting for a budget printer is a false economy if the cost of printing turns out to be sky high.

While other reviewers calculate printing costs based on printing hundreds of pages at a time, we print only a few pages over a period of weeks, just as you might at home.

This can highlight the excessive amounts of ink some inkjet printer use on cleaning their print heads, more than quadrupling printing costs in some cases. Any printer that wastes lots of ink resulting in high printing costs can’t be a Best Buy.