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What size TV should I buy?

Top 5 best 49 to 55-inch TVs

By Martin Pratt

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With the price of big-screen TVs falling, you’ll find affordable 49, 50 and 55-inch TVs with features once reserved for only the most expensive sets. Here are the best from our tests.

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With many models boasting exceptional picture quality and prices gradually coming down, it isn't surprising that so many of us are investing in TVs capable of delivering a real wow factor in our homes.

From reasonably priced mid-range sets from top brands, such as Samsung and LG, to the very best they have to offer, whether you're on a budget or you’re looking to spend big, you’ll find something for you in this size bracket.

But price isn’t everything. We’ve branded TVs costing as much as £700 as Don’t Buys. Equally, we’ve seen Best Buys for as a little as £450 outperform models two or even three times the price.

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Best 49 to 55-inch TVs


This is the best 55-inch TV you can buy. From screen to speakers, it's is as close to perfect as we've seen in years.


It's not the very best, but don't let that put you off. Sony's TV is more than deserving of a spot in your living room.


Some cheaper QLEDs may have been wide of the Best Buy mark, but this one has surpassed it by some margin. The audio is flawless and the picture isn't far off. This is a 55 incher worth saving for.


For the second year running, this brands' high-end LCD TVs have been untouchable. The consistency is absolutely fantastic and we have no reservations in recommending this TV.


The flashy features work well and it excels at the basics. This is one of the best 50-inch TVs on the market.

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And here are three 49 to 55-inch TVs to avoid

Marketing jargon should always be taken with a pinch of salt. We ignore the hype, testing every TV in real-world conditions and watching the same footage over and over again to ensure we unearth the very best sets. Our picture and sound quality experts have been left disappointed by TVs promising the latest TV technology – here, we round up some the worst offending sets.

49 to 55-inch TVs to avoid


There's nothing this TV does that a 4K TV doesn't do better and for a similar price. There's just no reason to buy a Full HD TV anymore.


There's no shortage of exceptional 55-inch TVs to choose from these days - but this TV isn't one of them. The three stars for picture and sound quality may lead you to believe that this TV isn't half bad, but it reached those ratings by the skin of its teeth.


A 55-inch Don't Buy is a rare thing, but one brand has managed to produce one. The picture quality is average at best, but it's the unpleasant audio and sluggish menus that seal its fate.

How to choose the best 49 to 55-inch TV

Although the type of TV you choose is down to your own personal preference, it's important to think carefully about whether a jumbo TV of 50 to 55-inch is right for your home.

We often hear tales of people being tempted by a large TV in the shop only to realise it is way too big once they get it home. The vast majority of TVs this size now come with a 4K ultra-HD screen – we recommend sitting around 3 metres away and half a metre or so further for Full HD models.

Use our What size TV should I buy? online tool to work out the size of TV that will best suit your room.

If this is the right size for you, here are some key things to look out for:

  • 4K ultra-HD: Due to its sharper picture, this higher resolution features on almost all of our Best Buy TVs, especially those of this size. If you’re looking for a future-proof set, we strongly recommend getting your hands on a 4K TV to make sure you don’t miss out on top-quality content in years to come.
  • Sound quality: There’s a huge disparity in sound quality across modern flatscreen TVs. While a Best Buy sound bar will improve your experience of any TV, the sound shouldn’t be so bad that you’re forced to splash out on one. We test every TV with both music and dialogue to ensure our Best Buys not only look great, but sound great, too.
  • High Dynamic Range: You’ll now find this picture technology on most 4K sets. It should give deeper blacks, brighter whites and more subtlety of tone in between, but you need HDR content to make use of it. While this remains sparse, HDR isn't a must-have feature. But with broadcasters, including the BBC, running trials, we expect to see it boom over the coming years.