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What size TV should I buy?

Top 5 best 60 and 65-inch TVs

By Martin Pratt

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With prices dropping, more people are opting for cheap big-screen TVs. Find out which are worth splashing your cash on in our round-up of the best 60 and 65-inch TVs

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Only a few years ago, buying a 65-inch TV would have seemed a ludicrous prospect. But with 55-inch TVs no longer feeling as big as they once did and prices falling, customers are setting their sights on these mammoth tellies.

These sprawling slices of glass and metal are an imposing presence in any living room. But, matched with top-of-the-range specs, they promise to deliver a cinema-like experience at home. That said, going big doesn't mean you have to opt for the most expensive TV - manufacturers are bringing these bigger sizes to their more affordable mid-range TVs as well.

You once would have had to part with several thousands for a TV of this size. Now, you can pick one up for less than £1,000.

Their size is no assurance of quality, however. While we’ve unearthed some 65-inch Best Buys, others are simply bland. Astonishingly, of the 65-inch TVs we’ve tested from the likes of Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and LG, we’ve seen scores differ by more than 25%.

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Best 60 and 65-inch TVs


Peerless in 2020, this astonishing OLED hits out of the park in every sense. Picture, sound, menus, remote; all phenomenal.


When it comes to vibrancy and sheer impact, there are few TVs that can top this 65 incher. It's not just the stunning picture that impresses either; it sounds superb.


If you don't want to spend too much on a 65-inch set that has advanced features then this stunning TV is one of your best options.

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And here are the 60 and 65-inch TVs to avoid

We aren't blinded by the impressive size of these TVs. Just like every TV we put through the lab, these jumbo sets are subject to the same expert picture and sound quality tests, and rigorous ease-of-use assessments. 

From cruddy colours to rubbish remotes, 60 and 65-inch TVs can come up short in all the same places as their smaller counterparts. Here, we've rounded up some of the worst from our testing.

60 and 65-inch TVs to avoid


Cost isn't always an indicator of quality, but it is here. This poor 65 incher isn't going to win this up and coming brands any fans.


With such an incredible pedigree, this brand has more Best Buys than most, we expected much more, but the glum contrast and unnatural colours make this a basic TV to avoid.


We've tested 16 of this brands basic 4K TVs and they are all incredibly ordinary. Don't despair though, there are Best Buys at this size (65 inches) and price.

How to choose the best 60 or 65-inch TV

While one of these mammoth TVs might not look too big on a vast shop floor, you may only appreciate its true size once it’s sat in your living room. So be sure you have enough space for a TV of this size before you buy.

But with bezels shrinking, you may find that you can fit a bigger screen into a similar size space to your old TV – you can find height and width measurements for individual models in the tech specs of our reviews.

Plus, almost all new 60 and 65-inch TVs have 4K-resolution screens, allowing you to sit slightly closer than you would for an HD TV without losing any detail. For the best viewing experience, we recommend you sit at least 14 feet (4.3 metres) away. Use our TV size calculator to work out the size of TV that will best suit your room.

If you’ve decided that a 60 or 65-inch TV is for you, here are some features to look out for:

  • 4K ultra HD: You’ll be hard-pushed to find a new 60 or 65-inch TV without 4K. These ultra-high definition screens have four times the number of pixels as Full HD, giving even sharper detail. Check out our what is 4K TV? guide for more. 
  • High Dynamic Range: Otherwise known as HDR, this screen technology should give deeper blacks, brighter whites and more subtlety of tone in between. Things to watch are still few and far between but set to boom over the coming years. For more info on this new technology, take a look at our what is HDR? guide. 
  • Smart TV: This is pretty much a standard feature of most TVs these days, giving access to catch-up and on-demand apps. Some of these big TVs will also include motion-sensitive smart remotes in the box, making navigation around the smart platform easier. We assess ease of use of both smart TV systems and remotes for all the televisions we test – check our full list of TV reviews for more details.