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Which washing machine brand?

Best washing machine brands for 2019

By Matt Stevens

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Put us to the test

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At Which?, we've been testing washing machines since the 1950s. Along the way, we've developed an unrivalled understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each brand. 

Currently, each machine we get our hands on spends at least four weeks being assessed in the Which? test lab to give us the results we need to produce our in-depth washing machine reviews. We test how they wash, how thoroughly they rinse detergent away and how efficiently they spin water away from the clothes. And we carry out more than 50 ease of use assessments to determine which machines will be a dream to live with and which ones will be a nightmare.

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Washing machine brands rated

We’ve brought together everything we know about each washing machine brand, including recent tests for individual models and owner’s feedback from our Which? survey, so you can see straightaway which brands are best. 

For each brand you can find out: 

  • Average washing machine test score - how good each brand’s washing machines are overall, based on models tested between 2015 and 2018.
  • How reliable the brand is - we ask washing machine owners to tell us about any problems they’ve had with their machines, and we use this data to assess how likely or otherwise each brand’s washing machines are to let you down. 
  • How owners rate it - how satisfied owners are with their brand of washing machine, and whether they would recommend it to a friend. Brands are given a customer score based on this.
  • Our verdict - we tell you, in a nutshell, what we think of the brand.

Best vs worst average brand scores

There can be a huge difference between a good quality washing machine manufacturer and one to avoid when you compare the average ratings for the best vs worst brands in our tests, for reliability and for customer satisfaction.

All the well-known washing machine brands feature in our tables, so whether you fancy splashing out on a Bosch, a Miele or a Zanussi, find out first what owners of these brands really think of them. 

Here’s our preview of how the washing machine brands stack up against each other:

Brand name Average test score Reliability score How owners rate this brand
82% 90% 78%
You won't find many washing machines from this brand on our site, but the two we've tested recently are excellent. And what's more, they come with an excellent reliability record and a vote of confidence from owners.
80% 87% 90%
At the time of writing, every washing machine from this brand on our site is a Best Buy. Customers love the washing machines produced by this brand and even though they can be a bit pricey, owners tell us that the brand represents excellent value for money.
77% 87% 84%
This brand's washing machines do a good job of washing clothes. With a high average test score and 13 Best Buys among the 15 machines we've tested, customers like them and tell us they're good value for money. Reliability is good and  reassuringly, there are no Don't Buy washers from this brand on our site.
71% 84% 83%
This brand is popular among Which? members and its washing machines do very well in our tests. The models we've tested have a high ratio of Best Buys, as clothes tend to get a good clean and its machines are easy to use. There aren't many to choose from, but most of those currently on our site are Best Buys.
74% 84% 85%
This brand's washing machines are a worthwhile investment. On the whole, its machines do a good job of washing clothes, with around half of those we’ve tested earning Best Buy status. And reliability of this brand of washing machine is excellent.
72% 81% 84%
This impressive brand of washing machine often does very well in our tests - four fifths of those currently on our site are Best Buys and we have no Don't Buys. They have a good reliability record, owners like them and you don't have to break the bank to buy a good one, with Best Buys available for less than £400.
64% 81% 80%
This brand has a good track record in our tests - its washing machines are usually good at their job, sometimes excellent, and always represent very good value for money. Around one-in-four of those we've tested go on to become Best Buys and you will be able to pick one up for around £300. And this brand has a great reliability record.
75% 78% 85%
Almost all of the washing machine's we've tested from this brand are Best Buys with many featuring interesting and helpful tech to make wash-day easier. Test scores are high, reliability is very good and owners like them.
62% 77% 75%
This brand's washing machines are affordable and there are plenty to choose from - there are more than 20 on our site. A few are good enough to be Best Buys but we've found one bad enough to be a Don't Buy. Customers rate them highly for value for money. Reliability is good.
58% 73% 72%
Low prices and indifferent clothes washing define this brand's washing machines. There are more than 15 on our site but none did well enough in our washing, rinsing and spinning tests to become Best Buys. And two are so bad that we've made them Don't Buys. Reliability is good, but read on - this isn't the end of the story.
Table notes Reliability ratings based on responses to a Which? member survey of 4,705 washing machine owners in October 2018 and user feedback on members' experiences of the brand that they own. The star ratings show how each brand's reliability score compares to other washing machine brands. Table last updated December 2018. How owners rate this brand: The customer score reflects owner satisfaction and how likely owners are to recommend this brand.
Sample sizes Reliability scores based on 4,705 responses from Which? members who own a washing machine.


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Choosing the best washing machine

A brilliant washing machine doesn't just wash clothes well. It needs to be a model you can rely on and, ideally, one you would be happy to recommend to a friend. 

The washing machine brand at the top of our chart ticks all these boxes as well as having a number of Best Buy washing machines. And the difference between the best and the worst brands in terms of scores achieved in our tests is striking, with the best washing machine brand scoring 26% more on average in our lab tests.

90%he score achieved by the best washing machine brand for reliability.

In our verdict of each brand, we've pulled together everything we know about each washing machine brand, be it a pricey Miele, a middle of the price-range Bosch or a much cheaper Zanussi machine, to quickly pass on the critical information you need to know when considering a purchase. In all, you'll find our verdict on a dozen brands of washing machine including AEG, Beko, Bosch, John Lewis, LG, and Samsung.

The reliability scores in the table above are based on feedback from more than 4,700 Which? members who told us about any and all problems they've had with the washing machines they own. The fewer problems they've had, the higher the score for reliability. We've also included customer score, which determines how happy people are with their chosen brand of washing machine and whether they would be likely to recommend it to someone else.

How we calculate the best and worst washing machine brands

We've collated all of our washing machine test results, to bring you an at-a-glance guide to the best and worst washer brands. We’ve also added our unique reliability ratings and customer scores, taken straight from our latest survey of thousands of washing machine owners, so you can get a clear picture of how the different brands compare.

We work out our washing machine reliability ratings and scores by asking owners about the problems they've faced since buying their machines. The greater the number of problems and the more severe the problems, the lower the reliability score for the brand. We base our reliability scores on products up to ten years old.

The Which? customer score is based on how satisfied owners are with their machines and whether they would recommend the brand to a friend.

Which? Best Buy washing machines

Once you’ve narrowed down the brands worth buying, head to our list of the best washing machines to pick a model that washes, rinses and spins clothes brilliantly.

More top washing machine buying tips

If you're just looking for a simple washing machine that washes well and won't break the bank, you'll be able to find a selection to choose from among our Best Buy washing machines. And if you're looking for a little more from your machine, such as the ability to set it and monitor it from your smartphone or a super-fast 1600rpm spin, there are also plenty to choose from that have been through the rigours or our lab tests and that have proven to do a splendid job on wash day.

If you're unsure which way to turn, use our advice to buy the best washing machine.