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Updated: 6 May 2022

Zanussi washing machines rated

Zanussi washing machines sit around the affordable sub-£400 price bracket, but are they value for money? Find out what our reviews say.
Aaron West
Zanussi washing machines

Zanussi washing machines are the siblings of AEG machines, and both brands are owned by Electrolux. You'll find that they're very similar in terms of wash performance and reliability.

Below, we've gathered together all of our Which? review test results for Zanussi washing machines, as well as a rating for how reliable its models are. 

We've been testing and reviewing washing machines for years and have discovered big differences between good and bad models. To help you make a decision about whether a Zanussi washing machine is right for you, we've listed the pros and cons of owning one, while customers share their thoughts on whether they'd recommend the brand and buy another Zanussi.

All the information you'll find here has been independently researched – we buy the Zanussi washing machines we test ourselves and we run our own surveys to find out what owners really think of their machines.

If you'd prefer to read reviews of the individual models we've tested, head to our Zanussi washing machine reviews.

Not sure what type of washing machine you need? See our guide to the best washing machines.

Zanussi washing machines overview

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  • Number of Best Buys
  • Number of Eco Buys
  • Average test score
  • Proportion faulty in the first seven years
  • Proportion repaired or replaced due to a fault
  • Customer score
  • Pros and cons
  • Which? verdict: should I buy one?

The average test score is based on results for all models we've tested that are still currently available. The customer score and proportion faulty are based on a Which? member survey conducted in September 2021 of 406 Zanussi owners. The customer score is based on customer satisfaction and whether members would recommend the brand to a friend. Testing information last updated in December 2021.

How much do Zanussi washing machines cost?

Zanussi produces a large range of affordable washing machines, typically costing between £200 and £400. The average price is £340.

The more you spend the more features you get. Integrated models also tend to cost more, around £500.

Choosing the right Zanussi washing machine for you

Zanussi is the sister brand of AEG, but tend to make cheaper and less feature-packed washing machines. 

This is because Zanussi doesn't release many new models often. Most Zanussi washing machines we have reviewed were originally released in 2014 and 2015.

As such it's unsurprising that Zanussi washing machines tend to have minimal features. There are no smart Zanussi washing machines, for example.

Most Zanussi washing machines are white, but it's possible to find silver models, and some with a white body and stylish chrome door rims.

Zanussi washing machine faults

We've analysed the most common faults reported in our survey of Zanussi washing machine owners. If your Zanussi gets a fault, it's most likely one of these:

  • Drum or bearing problems
  • Electrical fault
  • Not emptying water
  • Wash program stopped

Find out more about common washing machine problems and how to fix them.

Zanussi washing machines jargon

To help you make sense of it all, we've put together this washing machine jargon buster and we've included the unique Zanussi jargon too. 

If you’re still searching for the right washing machine to install in your home, check out the washing machine reviews on our site to find the best model for you.