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24 September 2021

Full washing-up liquid test results

We round up the full results of our tough washing-up liquid tests. Find out which washing-up liquid will help make your household chores easier.
Patrick Gallagher
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Our washing-up liquid tests separate the best washing-up liquids from the products you should leave on the shelf. 

The Best Buy washing-up liquids revealed by our latest tests are outstanding at removing fatty foods and baked-on grease, meaning they will help you get through the dishes faster. 

We’ve tested washing-up liquids from big brands Fairy Liquid and Ecover, plus supermarket products from Aldi, Lidl, Morrisons and Tesco. 

Thanks to our tough tests, we've discovered which washing-up liquids make short work of even the grimiest pots and pans. So you can use our results to help you cut down on elbow grease.  

The table below is currently locked. Once you're logged in, it reveals full scores and ratings for all the washing-up liquids we've tested, from best to worst. 

The best washing-up liquids can wash two-and-a-half times the number of dirty plates as the worst (per 100ml). 

The most expensive washing-up liquids aren’t always the best, so we’ve calculated the cost per 100ml so you can easily compare prices.

Washing-up liquid test results

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Bottle size (ml)
Cost per 100ml
Fat removing power
Tough grease removal
Foam duration
Table notes
Price: Collected in February 2021, based on pack size closest to 500ml. Fat removal: How well the washing-up liquid removes fat and grease and keeps it suspended in water, rather than redistributing it back on to dishes. Foam duration: How long the foam lasts before it looks like you need to change the water when cleaning less intensive everyday grime from plates. Tough stain removal: How well the washing-up liquid removes baked-on grease, such as that let over from roasting potatoes or grilling meat. Plates washed per 100ml: How many plates are washed per 100ml of the product in our fat removal test. Test score: Ignores price. Based on: fat removal 90%; tough stain removal 10%.