Choosing the best smartphone

Mobile phones: How to buy the best mobile phone

  • How to choose your perfect mobile phone
  • Smartphone operating systems uncovered
  • Expert advice on the features you need
  • How to save money on a cheap phone

What's in this guide

Choosing your perfect phone

What are smartphones? Do I need one? And what features should I look for?

Buying the best cheap mobile phone

Everything you need to know about cheap and cheerful mobile phones.

Buying the best smartphone

What to expect from the best smartphones and their operating systems

Buying the best cheap smartphone

Find out how you can get your hands on a great smartphone without spending a fortune

Buying the best iPhone

Everything you need to know about the world's most famous smartphone, the legendary iPhone.

Buying the best Android phone

Android is the most commonly used smartphone operating systems. What makes it so popular?

Buying the best BlackBerry phone

Everything you need to know about BlackBerrys including their new operating system, BlackBerry 10

Buying the best Windows phone

What you can expect from phone's running on Microsoft's operating system

Should I buy a smartphone?

Do I need a smartphone? Or would a tablet be a better choice?