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Our investigations

From advice on how to stay safe from fraud and being ripped off, to ranking the best and worst brands, products and services, our investigations shine a light on the consumer market

We go to great lengths to get to the bottom of a consumer issue. Our extensive research and investigations continuously question the way things are, which means we can celebrate the companies that put consumers first, and campaign for better standards where we find need for improvement.

Here are a few examples of our investigative work:

  • To test the security of smart gadgets, we set up the home of a Which? employee with devices including a wireless camera, an internet router, a smart padlock and a Bluetooth toy and hired ethical security researchers to hack it. It took them just four days to do it.
  • The hidden cameras in our boiler servicing investigation recorded seven out of ten boiler technicians failing to carry out the minimum legal checks, including checking the operating pressure and that the boiler was working safely.
  • To show how easy it was to con holidaymakers online we placed eight fake listings across four fake profiles on Airbnb and weren't asked for any proof of ID or that the accommodation existed. When we reported one of our own listings to Airbnb for fraud it took 13 days for it to be removed from the site.
  • Our researchers made 156 phone calls to Isa providers to test whether they could explain the new Isa rules. Almost half (7 out of 13) of the providers answered less than 50% of questions correctly.
  • We fitted two shoppers with motion eye-tracking technology to unlock the secrets behind the tactics that supermarkets use to get you to part with your cash. This includes putting own-brand products just under or to the right of the leading brand, and putting the cheaper items higher up on the shelves.
  • To test the content of lamb takeaways, we analysed 60 samples from London and Birmingham and found that 40% contained meats other than lamb and seven contained no lamb at all.