After giving birth

From your recovery after birth to your baby's healthcare needs and where to find support as a new parent, our advice will guide you through the early weeks at home with your baby.

  • Recovery from a c-section

    9 min read

    If you have your baby by a planned or emergency caesarean section, your recovery will be different, and generally take longer, compared to a vaginal birth.

  • Recovery after a vaginal birth

    9 min read

    Pregnancy and labour put a great strain on your body and it will take time to recover. Find out what to expect in the first days and weeks at home after you’ve given birth.

  • Newborn baby checks

    7 min read

    In the days and weeks after birth, NHS screening tests and routine check-ups help monitor your baby’s development and identify any health problems which require treatment.

  • If your baby needs special care

    10 min read

    Neonatal units provide medical care for babies who are premature or have health problems that require specialist help. Find out more about the support that’s available for newborns, and their families.

  • Beyond baby blues: coping in early parenthood

    8 min read

    Sleep deprivation, looking after a new baby and your hormones on a roller coaster ride – the first few weeks after birth are often filled with conflicting emotions. Read our advice on what to expect and where to find support as a new parent.

  • Making the most of paternity leave

    6 min read

    From bonding with your new baby to helping your partner recover after childbirth, we go through the best ways to spend your paternity leave.

  • Postnatal depression and other postpartum mental health problems

    11 min read

    Many new mothers are affected by mental health issues like postnatal depression and birth trauma – we go through the symptoms to look out for and where to get help.

  • Baby sleep: what to expect in the first six months

    9 min read

    New parents are frequently told to prepare for sleepless nights. But the reality of looking after a baby who sleeps at random times of the day and wakes up throughout the night takes a bit of getting used to. 

  • Safe sleeping: how to reduce the risk of SIDS for your baby

    4 min read

    Your baby’s safety is always your number one priority as a parent, and that’s never more important than when they’re sleeping. We talk you through the safe sleep guidelines for newborns.

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