After giving birth

From recovering after a c-section or vaginal birth to finding support for breastfeeding, our advice will guide you through the early days at home with your new baby.

  • Newborn baby checks

    7 min read

    In the days and weeks after birth, NHS screening tests and routine check-ups help monitor your baby’s development and identify any health problems which require treatment.

  • Recovery from a c-section

    9 min read

    If you have your baby by a planned or emergency caesarean section, your recovery will be different, and generally take longer, compared to a vaginal birth.

  • Getting started with breastfeeding

    7 min read

    What to expect when establishing breastfeeding – from your baby’s first feed after birth to finding comfortable breastfeeding positions and recognising feeding cues.

  • Recovery after a vaginal birth

    9 min read

    Pregnancy and labour put a great strain on your body and it will take time to recover. Find out what to expect in the first days and weeks at home after you’ve given birth.

  • Breastfeeding support

    8 min read

    Find out how much breastfeeding help you can expect at the hospital or birth centre after giving birth, and how to get help from breastfeeding support workers once you’ve come home.

  • Making the most of paternity leave

    6 min read

    From bonding with your new baby to helping your partner recover after childbirth, we go through the best ways to spend your paternity leave.

  • Breastfeeding problems and how to solve them

    11 min read

    From spotting symptoms of thrush and mastitis to getting help if your baby has a tongue-tie, this guide explains the causes and solutions to common breastfeeding issues.

  • Breast pumps for beginners

    5 min read

    Find out how breast pumps can help you when breastfeeding, including advice on how to choose between manual and electric breast pumps and the realities of using them.

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