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In these videos nine mums talk about what giving birth is really like.

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Giving birth is always a life-changing event, and the experience you have can be greatly impacted by where you give birth. In these videos, mums talk about their experiences of giving birth in a labour ward, birth centre and at home – from why they gave birth there to how it matched up to their expectations.

Giving birth on the labour ward

Sometimes called a delivery suite, the labour ward is the part of the hospital where women give birth with doctors and medical facilities on hand if you need them. But do you get your own room if you give birth on the labour ward? And what’s most important to think about when choosing which hospital to give birth in? Rossella, Beki and Reena share their experiences of giving birth in a labour ward:

Giving birth in a birth centre

Birth centres tend to be smaller than labour wards and have a more homely atmosphere, but how do you decide if it’s right for you? And what if things don’t go to plan? Alicia, Lyssa and Claire share their experiences, and talk about what you should consider if you’re thinking of giving birth in a birth centre:

Having a home birth

Having a home birth could be a good option if you’re having a straightforward pregnancy and would prefer to give birth without medical pain relief in a familiar setting. From guaranteed access to a birth pool to just wanting to have a cup of tea in their own bed – Becca, Katie and Emily talk about why they chose to give birth at home and share their experiences in this video:

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