Private maternity care

Most women in the UK get their maternity care through the NHS, but there are private options available. Read our advice on extra scans, independent midwives, and where you can find private maternity units.

  • NHS vs private health care: what are your options?

    6 min read

    You can pay to have your baby privately or you can ‘mix and match’ private and NHS care. From 3D scans to private midwives, this guide covers what’s available before, during and after the birth.

  • Care from non-NHS midwives

    8 min read

    Some women opt to pay for a private or independent midwife. Find out about private maternity care and how it can be paid for.

  • Private maternity hospitals and facilities

    3 min read

    Private hospitals and private maternity units are available in some parts of the UK. Find out what’s available and where you can find the care you want.

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