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East Midlands

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Pregnancy is full of big decisions, including choosing where to give birth. Get the information you need with our list of all labour wards and birth centres in the East Midlands.

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Find the right place to give birth

Discover whether birth in a local labour ward, birth centre or at home would be best for you.

Find your best fit

Each maternity unit will vary in terms of the equipment and facilities available, as well as the home birth services they provide. Some hospitals have both a labour ward and a midwife-led birth centre, and in Melton Mowbray there’s also a freestanding birth centre for low-risk women.

Visit the pages below for detailed information on each of the maternity services provided across the East Midlands.










Sutton in Ashfield


Other UK regions

Your local unit may fall into another nearby region. Browse the birth centres and labour wards in the regions below to find the one you’re looking for.

Use our tool to find the right place for you to give birth

See a tailored list of your local labour wards and birth centres with our handy Birth Choice tool. Answer a few simple questions to see whether birth at home, in a labour ward or in a birth centre would be best for you based on your personal preferences and circumstances. Compare your local options and make the best choice for you.

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