Your pregnancy

There’s so much to do and think about when you’re pregnant - from midwife appointments to antenatal classes. We’re here to guide you through each stage of pregnancy and help you prepare for giving birth.

  • Pregnancy symptoms and common health problems

    9 min read

    From morning sickness to pelvic pain, learn more about common pregnancy symptoms from the first weeks through to the third trimester – and when you should seek medical help.

  • Pregnancy: week by week guide

    2 min read

    This guide covers the major pregnancy milestones to help you prepare for having a baby, with information about maternity care, work and choosing where to give birth.

  • The first trimester: 0-12 weeks

    5 min read

    From getting that positive pregnancy test to coping with early symptoms and booking your first scan, these 12 weeks are the start of your journey to parenthood.

  • The second trimester: 13-27 weeks

    8 min read

    We guide you through the action-packed middle stage of pregnancy: from feeling your baby kick for the first time to deciding where you want to give birth and arranging maternity leave.

  • The third trimester: 28-40 weeks

    8 min read

    As you count down the final weeks and prepare for your baby’s arrival, here’s all you need to know about making a birth plan, packing your hospital bag and watching out for the first signs of labour.

  • Mental health in pregnancy

    10 min read

    Depression and anxiety affect many pregnant women but there is help and support available – we go through how to cope if you’re struggling emotionally during your pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy health conditions

    8 min read

    Health conditions like pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes which develop during pregnancy can have an impact on your antenatal care and how you plan to give birth.

  • Flying during pregnancy

    5 min read

    Before booking your babymoon, make sure you’re clued up on airline restrictions when you’re pregnant – and read our tips to make travelling as comfortable as possible for you and your bump.

  • Antenatal classes: what will you learn?

    4 min read

    From making new friends to preparing for the birth – antenatal classes can help you prepare for parenthood.

  • NHS vs NCT antenatal classes

    5 min read

    Discover the differences between NHS and NCT antenatal classes and how they help to prepare you for labour, birth and parenthood.

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