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There are many simple technological aids available to help make your relative’s life that little bit easier and safer, and giving you more peace of mind.

Memory aids

Some memory aids are fairly technical, others less so – but all are designed to help with remembering important and safety-critical everyday tasks.

It's important to note, though, that although these products can help your relative manage their memory problems, they can't cure any underlying issues and nor should they be seen as a replacement for the appropriate medical care or attention.

See Memory aids for dementia in the Which? product reviews for staying independent at home for further information on items such as:

  • memory aids for bathing and other daily living activities
  • key locators and other locator devices
  • automatic calendar clocks and electronic voice memos.

Accessible mobile phones

It seems as if nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days, used for an increasing variety of purposes. This presents a real opportunity for designers of both hardware (the phone itself) and software (the applications) to reach out to older users, offering solutions to daily problems and opening doors to new possibilities.

For further information on the different products that are available, see Accessible mobile phones and digital apps in Which? product reviews for staying independent at home.

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