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Number plate car tyre search now online

Mytyres tyre site uses car registration number

Mytyres car tyre webite uses a number plate-based search system

Mytyres car tyre website uses a number plate-based search system

Shopping for tyres online can be confusing, so new website Mytyres.co.uk aims to help by letting you search for replacement rubber using your car’s number plate.

As with many consumer items, online prices are often cheaper than you’ll find in the automotive equivalent of a high street. But making sure you get the right type and fitment for your vehicle isn’t always straightforward, with most websites requiring you to enter a lengthy string of letters and numbers in order to identify suitable replacements.

Now Mytyres is taking the uncertainty out of the process by allowing you to search for tyres based on your vehicle’s registration number. Simply enter your number plate into the box, confirm that the details it returns are correct, and away you go. 

Unlike rival online tyre seller etyres.co.uk, Mytyres does not have the convenience of its own mobile fitting service, which can come out to your work or home. But, like Blackcircles.com, it can put you in touch with a local fitting firm, and you can pay an all-inclusive price online.

Caution required

To be on the safe side, we would still recommend you check that the tyre sizes correspond with what’s written on your current wheels – which does mean a trip outside with a pen and paper.

Also, remember that if your car is fitted with aftermarket, or even manufacturer optional, alloy wheels, then the standard tyre sizes held by the Mytyres database may not be accurate. Note, too, the pictograms used to indicate whether a tyre is designed for summer, winter or all-round use.

One final word of warning. We tried the number plate search, and it appears to work very well. But the company does seem to deal in some exceptionally obscure makes of tyre, and, as the results are graded by price, you may have to scroll quite a way before you get to a brand name you recognise.


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