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Revealed: new dishwasher tablet Best Buys

Five Best Buys include one that costs 10p per wash

Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Original

Fairy Platinum has come top in the latest Which? dishwasher tablet tests, with Finish Powerball Classic tablets a close second.

Fairy Platinum got higher marks for cleaning overall, while the Finish tablets were slightly better at preventing watermarks and keeping dishes shiny.

Three other tablets were rated as Best Buys in the test, with one costing just 10p per wash.

You can see the full results from the test and read more about how we carried it out in our dishwasher tablet reviews or by reading the  March issue of Which? magazine.

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Dishwasher tablets tested

For the first time in three years, Which? tested detergent-only tablets as well as the more common combination tablets. 

Back in 2009, two of our three Best Buy dishwasher tablets were detergent-only – read our full dishwasher tablets review to find out if they were as impressive this time.

The full list of the dishwasher tablets on test is:

  • Aldi Magnum All in 1 Complete
  • Asda All in 1  
  • Fairy Platinum
  • Finish Powerball All in 1
  • Finish Powerball Classic
  • Finish Powerball Quantum
  • Finish Powerball Quantumatic
  • Morrisons All in 1
  • Sainsbury’s All in 1
  • Sainsbury’s Basics
  • Tesco 5 in 1
  • Tesco Daisy 5 in 1
  • Tesco Value
  • The Co-operative 5 in 1
  • Waitrose Essential

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