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Which? reveals the cars off the road longest

The worst - and best - cars for time in the garage

Living with a faulty car is expensive business, it can also be rather frustrating, and you can end up feeling like your car is spending more time at the local garage than on your driveway.

Each year we find out how many faults hundreds of different car models have suffered, and how much their repair bills have added up to. We also ask owners how much time the car has spent off the road being repaired in the last 12 months.

Take a look at our new car reliability tables or see below for the superminis, under three years old, that spend the most time off the road each year, as well as the ones that spend the least time in the garage.

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Superminis off the road most

Alfa Romeo MiTo (2008-) – 1.26 days

The Alfa Romeo MiTo scored a poor two-star rating for reliability in our latest Which? Car Survey. The most common reported faults were associated with the engine electrics, and to a slightly lesser extent lights, paintwork and ventilation.

Vauxhall Corsa (2006-) – 1.21 days

The Corsa is getting a little long in the tooth, and reliability appears to reflect this with a poor two-star rating from owners in the latest Which? Car Survey. Mechanical braking issues appear to be hounding both newer and older models. Problems with the fuel system (newer cars) and springs (older diesel models) are also frequently reported.

Volkswagen Polo (2002-2009) – 1.05 days

This previous-generation Polo is a popular secondhand choice. It’s smart and comfortable, refined for such a small car, and it feels fairly solid. However, owners have reported that this car spends over a day off the road each year being repaired with an average repair cost of £64. Predictably, older models are worse off – those over three years old cost closer to £122 each year to repair.

Superminis off the road least

Kia Picanto (2004-2011) – 0.09 days

The Picanto may not be the most stylish car on UK roads, but it is a lively little car that shouldn’t leave you on the hard shoulder. Owners told us dependability is good – it will only be off the road for a few hours each year – and the average annual repair bill is just £5.

Ford Fiesta (2008-) – 0.13 days

The Fiesta has always been one of the biggest-selling cars in the UK, and it’s the same story with the 2008  model. In the latest Which? Car Survey, owners said the Fiesta is proving dependable, with the most common faults being only very minor.

Peugeot 107 (2005-) – 0.13 days

The 107, built in the same factory as sister cars the Toyota Aygo and Citroën C1, has reaped the benefits of a platform share with two other brands – reliability is good, with owners giving it four stars in the latest Which? Car Survey.

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