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Best and worst used superminis for reliability

The most reliable second-hand small cars

Toyota iQ 1

Superminis are some of the smallest cars on the road, but choose an unreliable one and you could be faced with bills that are anything but small.

City cars may be cheap, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be reliable. Often used for short journeys around town, superminis may often not cover as many miles as larger cars, but they can see a lot of wear and tear from stop-start driving.

With average repair bills for the most and least reliable small cars varying from just £1 to a pricey £198, choosing a reliable supermini could make a big difference to your wallet. That’s why we factor in reliability to our car reviews, so you know exactly what to expect before you part with thousands of pounds for a car.

Here we reveal which used superminis over three years old proved the most reliable in the 2013 Which? Car Survey. Tell us how reliable your car is by taking part in the 2014 Which? Car Survey.

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Most reliable used supermini

The tiny Toyota iQ (2008-) is one of the smallest cars you can buy and has a miniscule average annual repair bill of £1. Its reliability score is an extremely impressive 97%, so you’re unlikely to be faced with a bill in the first place.

With a low breakdown rate of 3% and low fuel consumption, the iQ should be one of the cheapest cars on the road to run. It’s also an enormous 32% ahead of the least reliable supermini.

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Peugeot 206 1

Least reliable used supermini

Way down at the bottom of the table are the Peugeot 206 and 206 SW estate (1998-2009). Having been on sale for a whopping 11 years, there are a huge number of 206s on the roads. However, with a reliability score of just 65% and a breakdown rate of 14%, this car is almost as likely to be seen stranded on the hard shoulder.

Thanks to an average repair bill of £198, the 206 could leave you seriously out of pocket. Worse still, it has iffy build quality even when it is working, plus an awful driving position and terrible visibility. 

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