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Best Buy own-brand dishwasher tablets revealed

Save over £100 a year compared to a leading brand

We’ve discovered three Best Buy dishwasher tablets in our latest test – two from supermarket own-brands cost a quarter of the price per wash compared to the market-leading Best Buy. Our test also uncovered a Don’t Buy you should avoid. 


We find the dishwasher detergents that will leave glasses sparkling

Our latest test includes 13 brands and supermarket own-brands, including Fairy, Finish, Lidl, Aldi and Ecover. We tested the tablets on the toughest everyday stains, including dried-on milk, tea, egg yolk and starchy spaghetti. 

We put every tablet through our tough tests, which includes 30 washes to see how shiny it will leave your dishes and wine glasses. We also scrutinise how much of a film builds up over time. 

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Best Buy supermarket own-brands 

Two of the supermarket own-brand tablets included in our tests gave an excellent clean. With top marks for clearing pesky stains like egg and tea, they’ll be a great choice for everyday washing. The two top supermarket tablets in our test are both only 10p per wash, compared to 40p per wash for the market-leading Best Buy dishwasher tablet. 

We calculated that you could save over £100 per year by opting for one of these budget brands over the market-leading tablet. These money-saving tablets impressed us in all of our rigorous cleaning tests. 

However, low-cost doesn’t always mean high performance. Another tablet scored so poorly, leaving plates streaked in egg and spaghetti starch, that we gave it just one star for cleaning and made it a Don’t Buy. 

New Ecover dishwasher tablets 

Ecover is new to the dishwasher tablet market with its All-in-One dishwasher tablets. Ecover offers an alternative to chemical detergents with cleaning products that contain plant and mineral ingredients.

We pitted this brand-new product against egg, tea, milk and pesky spaghetti starch to see how it performed. Our dishwasher detergent test results give our verdict on cleaning, as well as whether these tablets can keep your dirty dishes, mugs and glasses free of watermarks and shiny after lots of washes. 

Dishwasher tablets on test: 

Here is a full list of the dishwasher tablets we tested, in alphabetical order: 

  • Aldi Magnum All in One Complete
  • Asda Fresh Burst All in One
  • The Co-operative All in 1
  • Ecover All in 1
  • Fairy Platinum All in One
  • Finish Powerball All in 1
  • Finish Powerball Quantum
  • Lidl W5 All in 1
  • Morrisons All in 1 Original
  • Persil Powepro Original
  • Sainsbury’s All in 1
  • Tesco 5 in 1 Lemon
  • Waitrose Optimum Performance

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