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Great value dishwasher tablets top Which? tests

Three Best Buy all-in-one dishwasher detergents

A woman unloading clean dishes from a dishwasher

Best Buy dishwasher tablets will leave your dishes sparkling

In our latest tests we’ve discovered supermarket own-brand dishwasher tablets that will leave your dishes sparkling for less than half the price of a branded product.

Three products were rated Best Buys in our tests and all scored top marks for overall cleaning. But while a branded Best Buy dishwasher tablet costs 27p per wash, a supermarket own-brand Best Buy can cost as little as 10p per wash.

We’ve just tested 11 all-in-one dishwasher tablets from big brands – including Finish, Fairy, Ecover and Persil – and major supermarkets. We put each tablet through our tough tests to separate the dishwasher tablets that will leave your dishes sparkling from the ones best left on the shelf.

If you buy a dishwasher tablet that did poorly in our tests, you’ll end up having to give your dishes a second wash by hand. Save yourself time – click to reveal our Best Buy dishwasher tablets

Best dishwasher tablets

We test dishwasher tablets’ ability to remove everyday food and drink stains, including burnt-on milk, tea stains and egg, as well as scrutinising how much of a film builds up on dishes after multiple washes, leaving them looking dull. We also check for spots and watermarks left on crockery and glasses.

Two drinking glasses, one cloudy, one clear, after repeated washes with the worst and best dishwasher tablets we've tested

Glasses washed repeatedly with the worst and best dishwasher detergents tested

The best dishwasher tablets shift all stains and leave crockery and glasses sparkling clean. The worst can leave behind food deposits and drink stains, and crockery streaked with watermarks.

Glasses look cloudy after they’re been washed multiple times with poor dishwasher tablets. The image on the right shows the difference between the best and worst dishwasher tablets we’ve tested.

Dishwasher tablets on test

We tested the following all-in-one dishwasher tablets:
Aldi Magnum All in One
Asda Chosen by You Citrus Burst All in 1
Ecover All-In-One 
Fairy Platinum All in One Lemon
Fairy All in One Original
Finish Powerball All in 1
Finish QuantumMax Powerball
Lidl W5 All in 1
Morrisons All in 1 Original
Persil PowerPro Original
Sainsbury’s All in One

You can find out how they all did by viewing our full dishwasher detergent test results.

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