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The top cat repellents that really work

We asked thousands of Which? members to find out

Cat with bird

55% of Which? members have experienced problems with cats

Cats are adored pets and can be a joy to watch. But for many they can be an annoyance, leaving their mess in the garden or scaring off wildlife. 

To help you combat the problem, we asked more than 6,000 Which? members which cat repellent methods and products they found most effective for keeping nuisance moggies away.

As many owners allow their cats to roam freely, keeping them out of your garden can be tricky, and there are many tips and products available to encourage them to go elsewhere. But how many of them actually work?

Our full guide to the best cat repellents reveals all.

Cats soiling the garden

The main problem Which? members reported was cats soiling and urinating in the garden and, unsurprisingly, the cats headed for freshly dug soil and flower beds. However almost half of people who had a problem with cats soiling found the cats also used their lawn.

Cats scaring wildlife

Most of us encourage wildlife to our gardens, so when cats scare away or even kill birds and other creatures, it can be distressing. More than four in 10 Which? members reported that cats scaring off, attacking or killing wildlife was a problem, and garden birds were the main victims.

Cats damaging plants

Which? members also reported that cats dug up or squashed their plants and were noisy, yowling or fighting with other cats.

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