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Is the Dyson Hot and Cool AM09 a Best Buy heater?

12 new electric heaters go head-to-head


Fan heaters and convector heaters compete in latest Which? tests.

We’ve just tested eight fan heaters and four convector heaters from big brands such as Dyson, De’Longhi and Dimplex and found two new Best buys. Is the premium-priced £400 Dyson Hot and Cool AM09 one of them?

The very best electric heater on test earned a colossal 85%, easily surpassing our Best Buy requirements.

It heats up a room from a chilly 10°C to a toasty 20°C in just seven and a half minutes, doesn’t use much energy and is really ease to use – making it a perfect choice to warm your lounge as winter draws in.

The other Best Buy electric heater similarly impressed with fast heating, ease of use, and maintaining the same temperature whether faced with mild or very cold conditions.

And with two Best Buys, it doesn’t take a trained mathematician to figure out that at least one of our new Best Buy heaters isn’t the pricey Dyson Hot and Cool AM09 – so you don’t need to pay through the nose for brilliant results.

Looking for a top-quality heater to warm your rooms quickly and reliably? Head to Best Buy electric heaters.

Dyson Hot and Cool AM09 – what you need to know

With a scorching £400 price tag, you might be wondering what could possibly make you want to spend that much on an electric heater.

Dyson Hot and Cool AM09

Is the Dyson Hot & Cool AM09 electric heater any good?

The Dyson Hot and Cool AM09 has a stylish and interesting design, so you might be happy to have it as a permanent feature in your lounge. It certainly shows that electric heaters don’t always have to be dull and unappealing grey boxes.

It’s packed with several handy features and functions. For instance, you can choose between narrow and wide angle blowing, depending on whether you want a more powerful jet of air in a focused direction or a wider distribution of warm air. 

It also has a timer that you can use to make the heater turn itself on and off after up to nine hours. You can control all its functions from the sofa, so long as you have its remote control close to hand.

But is it actually any good at heating a room quickly? Find out by heading to our Dyson Hot and Cool AM09 review.

Fan heater or convector heater?

Our latest round of tests included eight fan heaters, ranging in price from £15 to £400. Plus four convector heaters costing between £30 and £90.

Fan heaters are generally the lightest type of heater, and they’re typically easy to set up first time round. On the downside, portable fan heaters can be quite noisy.

Convector heaters tend to be quieter than fan heaters, and they’re often wall-mountable – which means they can be located out of the way.

If you’re not sure which sort of electric heater is the best for you and your home, read our expert top tips on how to buy the best electric heater.

Latest electric heater reviews

See below for a full list of the latest fan heaters and convector heaters on test, listed alphabetically within each type. Click through to individual reviews to find the perfect model for you.

Fan heaters

  • £71 Bionaire BCH9300
  • £20 Blyss Electric 1.5kW Fan Heater
  • £21 Dimplex DXDFB2 Footie Fan
  • £35 Dimplex DXUC2B
  • £27 Dimplex DXUF30TN
  • £400 Dyson Hot and Cool AM09
  • £15 Essential C20FHW10
  • £30 Warmlite WL44005

Convector heaters

  • £90 De’Longhi HCX9124E
  • £40 De’Longhi HS20F
  • £40 Dimplex 402TSF
  • £30 Dimplex DESC2T

(Prices are correct as of 10 November 2015 and are subject to change.)

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