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Best Buy heaters to keep your Christmas warm and toasty

You don't need to splash out to get a great heater

electric heaters

Find the best electric heater for you and your home this Christmas

As Christmas Day steadily approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how you can create the perfect atmosphere in your home. You can add some extra warmth to the festive day with a Best Buy heater.

Put yourself in the shoes of your Christmas guests. They’ve spent weeks preparing for Christmas Day – choosing and wrapping up your presents, tracking down the right wine and plotting how to navigate from their home to yours without hitting any festive snarl-ups.

As they knock on your front door, they’re hoping to get a warm greeting. Instead, they’re hit by a blast of cold air and end up overdoing the eggnog in an attempt to warm themselves up.

Whether your home’s prone to cold spots or just to avoid the horror of your heating failing over the festive season, why not invest in an electric heater? We’ve tested 38 heaters and uncovered some great models that will keep you and your guests cosy, without adding too much to your energy bill.

You can find several Best Buy heaters for less than £100, and one that costs less than £40. To find out what they are, head to Best Buy electric heaters.

Why would you consider a Best Buy heater?

We put all electric heaters through a series of tough heater tests to make sure that we recommend only the very best.

We test how quickly each heater warms a room from a chilly 10°C to a toasty 20°C – and we’ve found several brilliant models that do this in under ten minutes.

You can also rely on Best Buy heaters to be easy to use and to maintain the same temperature whether battling with mild or very cold conditions. Plus they won’t cost much to run.

Dyson Hot and Cool AM09 – is it worth its hype?

If you’re interested in buying a heater, it’s likely you’ll have come across the premium-priced Dyson Hot and Cool AM09.

Dyson Hot & Cool AM09

The Dyson Hot and Cool AM09 comes with a scorching £400 price tag – but is it any good?

The £400 Dyson Hot and Cool is packed with several useful features and functions. For instance, you can choose between narrow and wide angle blowing, depending on whether you want a more focused and powerful jet of air, or a wider distribution of warm air.

It also has a timer you can use to make the heater turn itself on and off after up to nine hours, and you can control all its functions from the comfort of your sofa – providing you have its remote control close to hand.

As you can see from the image on the right, the Dyson Hot and Cool AM09 is proof that a heater doesn’t have to be a dull grey box. 

But will it be actually any good at heating your lounge this Christmas, or is it case of style over substance? Head to our Dyson Hot and Cool AM09 review to find out.

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