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Don’t Buy washing machine revealed by Which?

Famous name scores just 24% in Which? tests

A woman and a child loading a washing machine

The best washing machines we test remove 85% of stains from your laundry

A terrible washing machine that’s poor at almost everything has been named a Don’t Buy, in that latest tests at the Which? Test Lab.

We’ve just tested nine washing machines ranging in price between £150 and £400. 

Some do a good job of washing, rinsing and spinning clothes. But one machine was so bad that we’ve slapped a Don’t Buy warning on it.

Find out more about the washing machines that excelled in our tests – including more than 40 Best Buys – by heading straight to our washing machine reviews.

Don’t Buy washing machines

Our tests showed the new Don’t Buy washing machine to be under-powered when spinning, inconsistent when washing, and poor at almost everything else. It scored just 24%, struggled to get synthetic fibres clean, was poor when rinsing and its spin wasn’t very good at all. The only positive we found is that it’s good at removing stains from cottons.

Best and worst washing machines

The difference between the best and worst washing machines we test is striking – the best washing machines clean cottons and synthetic fibres brilliantly, blasting away almost all of the stains. 

The best machines will thoroughly rinse away detergent following the wash and spin away most of the water from the load.

But the worst washing machines deliver inconsistent wash results, struggle to rinse properly and fail to spin clothes effectively.

Find out more about the latest letdown washing machine and more than twenty others to avoid with our Don’t Buy washing machine reviews.

How we test washing machines

We test the cleaning power of washing machines against the toughest of stains. We use cloths coated with dried-on blood, chocolate, coffee, grass, red wine and tomato sauce. 

Washing machines are tested three times each. The best are able to remove around 85% of the stains. The worst machines only remove around 60% of the stains.

Washing machines on test

Beko WX742430B – £270
Bosch WAE28490GB – £350
Currys Essentials C510WM14 – £150
Ikea RENLIG Built-in – £400
Ikea RENLIG FWM7 – £300
Ikea RENLIG FWM8 – £350
Logik L612WM15 – £150
Zanussi ZWF71443W – £250
Zanussi ZWF81240W – £319

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