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The best boilers according to heating engineers

What do heating engineers think of your boiler?


There are huge differences between the best and worst boiler brands.

We surveyed 110 Which? Trusted Trader heating engineers* to find out what they really think of the different boiler manufacturers on the market. Use our research to make sure you pick the best boiler brand for you.

When the worst happens and you need to replace your boiler, our research reveals that the heating engineer you call out has a big influence on what brand of boiler you buy.

We surveyed Which? members* and discovered that more than three in four think that their boiler engineer recommending the brand is an important factor when considering purchasing a boiler. 

However, many heating engineers are incentivised to install particular brands. So it’s vital that you check your heating engineer’s recommendation against the views of their peers.

To find out what boiler brands heating engineers recommend, go straight to our boiler reviews.

Best boiler brands according to heating engineers

We asked heating engineers to rate each boiler brand for build quality, how easy it is to get hold of parts and spares and how easy it is to fix a common fault – which gives you an indication of how expensive each boiler brand is to fix. 

Less than 10% of heating engineers think the build quality of the worst boiler brand is good, compared to 85% for the best boiler brand.

Crucially, we also ask how likely they are to recommend each brand of boiler to a customer.

We analyse this data and turn it into star ratings. This allows you to easily compare different boiler brands at a glance. Click to discover the best boiler brands.

The best guide to choosing a new boiler

Our boiler reviews cover all of the major brands. As well as capturing the reputation of each brand among heating engineers, we also assess the boiler brands’ reliability by asking Which? members who actually own them about any breakdowns, problems and annoyances with their boilers.

This means that for every boiler brand we can give a comparative star rating for:

  • reliability
  • customer score (how satisfied owners are and how likely they are to recommend their boiler to a friend)
  • build quality
  • ease of fixing a common fault
  • the availability of parts and spares
  • engineers’ recommendation

If this isn’t enough, in our boiler reviews we also gather the key specifications of each boiler. This means you can compare their efficiency, size and suitability for your home. 

So if the worst happens and you need to get a new boiler, make sure you use Which? boiler reviews to arm yourself with the knowledge to make the best decision possible.

* (Surveys: 110 Which? Trusted Traders heating engineers, April 2015; 1,101 Which? members, April 2015)

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