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How to save cash on Fairy and Finish dishwasher tablets

Which? research reveals how much you should spend

Finish and Fairy dishwasher tablets

Save money on Fairy and Finish dishwasher tablets with tips from Which?

Don’t pay over the odds for branded dishwasher tablets – Which? research has discovered that there’s no need to spend more than £6 on Fairy or Finish packs.

Though supermarkets charge up to £13 for a packet of 30 tablets at full-price, our price tracking shows that dishwasher tablets from the biggest brands are sold at half price or less for three months or more at several major supermarkets. 

However, buying big brand name products doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll get your dishes brilliantly clean. Our most recent test of dishwasher tablets uncovered four Best Buys, including great value options, costing as little as 10p per wash. 

The priciest dishwasher detergents cost three times the amount per wash. So you can use our test results to save money on dishwasher detergent without compromising on cleaning. 

See our full list of Best Buy dishwasher tablets.

How to find cheap dishwasher tablets

We tracked the price of Fairy Platinum All in One Original and Finish Quantum Max Powerball dishwasher tablets between April 2015 and April 2016 using independent online shopping website Mysupermarket.co.uk and discovered that both are available for £6 or less at one of the major supermarkets for seven months of the year or more. So we think it’s not worth paying more than this.

We looked at packets of 30 tablets at Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.

You’re more likely to find Finish for £6 or less – as we found it for this price or less at at least one of the supermarkets on 334 days of the year.

Fairy and Finish dishwasher tablet offers

Our research also reveals which supermarkets are most likely to sell Fairy and Finish dishwasher tablets for £6 or less, plus the lowest prices to keep an eye out for. Head to our full dishwasher tablets results to find out whether your supermarket is top of the list.

Generally speaking, the highest price we found for both brands was £12 (for 30 tablets). But Asda sold Fairy for £13. Avoid these high prices at your supermarket and wait for an offer.

Spending £6 on 30 Fairy or Finish dishwasher tablets works out as 20p per wash. That’s still double the cost per wash of the cheapest dishwasher tablets we tested but saves you up to the same amount per wash compared with their full price.

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