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Which? reveals two of the best TVs this year

Plus two Don't Buys uncovered

Sony KD65XD9305BU

The 65-inch Sony KD65XD9305BU was tested in the latest batch

We’ve tested 137 TVs this year, but none are better than the two Best Buys from our latest testing. But it was a group of highs and lows as two models also slump to Don’t Buy status.

With four premium TVs from Samsung, Sony and Panasonic ranging from a comparatively modest 49 inches to a mammoth 65 inches, it was battle of the big-screen, big-money TVs.

Arguably an unlikely entrant to the contest, the Hisense H55M7000 looks to buck the trend that budget brands can’t do premium. It matches many of the features offered by the others – including 4K HDR – but at £800, it comes in £250 cheaper than the 50-inch Panasonic TX-50DX802B and £1,500 cheaper than the 65-inch Sony KD65XD9305BU.

Find your perfect telly from the models we recommend by visiting our Best Buy TVs.

What size TV should I buy?

Big-screen 65-inch TVs are becoming more popular. But it’s not just a matter of finding enough space for it – it’s also about making sure you can sit far enough away for comfortable watching. Measure the distance from where you’ll sit on the sofa to where you’ll place your TV, and then use our interactive tool to help you find your perfect screen size.

If you’re after one of the giant TVs, you should ideally be able to sit at least 14 feet away from the screen. 12 feet should be enough for 49 to 55-inch screens. If you’ve only got 10 or so feet to play with, take a look at 42-inch sets – anything bigger and it may be a little uncomfortable to watch from such a close distance. For anything less than 8 feet, for instance, in smaller living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms, you should be looking at 32-inch TVs and smaller.

But with many new TVs now featuring 4K, you can sit comfortably a little closer. If you get your hands on one of these ultra-high resolution TVs, which have four times the number of pixels as Full HD, the extra detail means that sitting around a foot or so closer doesn’t put strain on the eyes.  

TV reviews just in

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Prices correct at 3 November 2016 – click through to the reviews for the latest prices.

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