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Keep cosy with a Best Buy electric heater

Don’t be left in the cold as temperatures drop

Portable Heater

A good electric portable heater can help keep you warm as temperatures drop.

As temperatures around the country plummet, you don’t have to be left out in the cold. An electric heater can help keep you cosy without pushing up your energy bills – provided you buy the right model. 

If you’re thinking of bracing the cold weather and popping to the shops to buy yourself an electric heater, then make sure you do your homework first.

There are many types of portable electric heaters, including ones that don’t do what they’re supposed to.

We’ve come across electric heaters that takes ages to heat up a room, so you’d be left shivering while it merrily consumes energy. Others are so noisy you can barely hear your telly. 

Our reviews take the guesswork out of selecting a heater. We reveal the best electric heaters.

What type of electric heater do you need?

Maybe you want to heat one room in your house, rather than putting heating on in every room. Or perhaps someone in your family likes it warmer than everyone else. A convection heater, which looks like a radiator, could be just the ticket.

Electric convection heaters are generally easy to move around and quiet. They can be left freestanding or wall mounted. Easy to use and portable, they can help warm up a room.

If you’re just looking for an extra blast of hot air while you work at your desk, a small fan heater will do the job. These can sit comfortably on a surface like your desk or table.

For an extra boost of heat, look for a tower fan heater. These often oscillate to provide quick heat to a room – ideal if you’re trying to keep the family cosy while you all curl up in front of a film.

How much should a portable electric heater cost?

You can get a very inexpensive fan heater for under £20. But there’s no point bagging a bargain if it doesn’t do its job. We have tested and reviewed seven fan heaters that cost £20 or less, including the very affordable Argos 2kW fan heater.

If you don’t mind spending in order to get a heater that looks stylish, you might be thinking about splashing out on a flashy Dyson blade-less combination heater and fan. We have tested both the Dyson Hot and Cold AM09 and its less expensive predecessor the Dyson Hot and Cold AM05. With a £400 price tag, the Dyson Hot and Cold AM09 is certainly a big investment into your future warmth. The Dyson Hot and Cold AM05 is a bit less expensive at around £340. But does the AM09 deliver a better heater and fan for the increase in price?

Read our reviews on the Dyson Hot and Cold AM09 and Dyson Hot and Cold AM05 to find out if it’s worth buying a high tech electric heater. 

Or maybe it’s finally time to install that wood burner you’ve always wanted

Wood burning stove2

A wood burning stove can be a great thing to curl up next to on a cold winter night. 

Okay, so maybe installing a wood burning stove isn’t going to solve your heat problems today. But there’s quite as cosy as huddling up in front of a real fire on a cold day. But before you splurge on this investment into your future comfort, make sure you are armed with all the info on how to buy and use a wood burning stove.

We’ve spoken to experts plus hundreds of wood burning stove owners to bring you the ultimate guide to wood burning stoves. From how to buy and use a stove, to what features you do and don’t need. Plus how much a stove will cost to install and use. 

See our expert guide to wood burning stoves.

(Prices correct as of January 2017.)

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