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Energy saver dishwasher costs just £30 a year to run

It's easy on your energy bills and so great at cleaning we've made it a Which? Best Buy.

Energy saver dishwasher costs just £30 a year to run

Our latest dishwasher reviews have discovered an energy saving Best Buy that not only leaves grimy dishes clean and dry, but costs just £30 a year to run.

We measure every dishwasher we review to see whether its running costs match up to the quoted energy rating. We often find models that are cheap to run, but it’s rare to find one that’s also top class when it comes to cleaning. Our new Best Buy is just one of three top performers from our latest dishwasher reviews, which includes models from AEG, Belling, Bosch and Hotpoint.

Best Buy dishwashers – find out which dishwashers cleaned up in our testing.

Read on to find out more about some of the most popular models we’ve just reviewed.


This freestanding dishwasher from AEG can wash 120 items in one go. It has a delay timer that can be set in one-hour increments for up to 24 hours, and a fuzzy logic sensor that adjusts the time, temperature and water usage according to the soil level of each load. Find out whether that sensor helped it tackle dishes and glassware streaked with baked-on food and drink? reading our AEG FFB41600ZW review.

Belling BEL FDW90

This slimline freestanding dishwasher has space for nine place settings. It also has an A++ energy rating, but we put the energy and water efficiency of every dishwasher to the test. Read our Belling BEL FDW90 review to find out how cheap this dishwasher works out to buy and run.

Bosch SMS67MW00G/01

This full-sized, fully integrated dishwasher is packed with features, including sensors for assessing how much water is needed to get your dishes clean and ensuring your detergent is properly dispersed for a better wash. But do these features add up to a great performance? Read our Bosch SMS67MW00G/01 review and find out how it got on with our grimy crockery and cutlery.

Ikea Hygienisk 903.319.39

This dishwasher is a fully integrated, full-sized model that has capacity for up to 15 place settings, which is at the high-end for any full-sized model. So was it easy to use, or as frustrating as putting together a piece of flat-packed furniture? And how did it cope against dirty dishes? Discover our verdict by reading the full Ikea Hygienisk 903.319.39 review.

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Prices correct as of 20 September 2017.

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