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One in four motorists now use a dash cam

Steer clear of Don't Buy dash cams with the help of our expert reviews

One in four motorists now use a dash cam

New research from Aviva shows that a growing number of drivers are enlisting the help of a dash cam to keep them safe on the road.

In a survey of around 2,500 motorists, Aviva found that more than one in four (27%) drivers currently use a dash cam on UK roads. Of the drivers who have a dash cam installed, almost three in four (72%) believe that all drivers should follow suit.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the benefits of buying a dash cam, and find out which models have earned Best Buy status.

Best Buy dash cams – crisp footage and useful features.

Why buy a dash cam?

Dash cams can be a reassuring presence on your dashboard and provide valuable evidence in the event of an accident. But as our rigorous lab tests show, not all dash cams are equal. While some have soared through our tests thanks to flawless video quality, others are let down by blurry footage that fails to pick up important details such as number plates.

We’ve tested over 70 dash cams from big-name brands including Garmin, Halfords and Nextbase, uncovering dud models that won’t be much use if you’ve been involved in a collision.

In its study on driving habits, Aviva asked UK drivers who use a dash cam why they’d recommend the gadget to other drivers. See their responses in our infographic below:

Nearly half (48%) of survey respondents said that having a dash cam brings peace of mind in the event of a collision. Meanwhile, more than a third (36%) admitted that owning a dash cam makes them feel safer while driving.

Almost one in five (17%) had been involved in an accident that they struggled to prove was not their fault. A dash cam in this type of situation would provide irrefutable evidence that could be used in court, if necessary.

You can read more about the real-world benefits of having one in our guide to dash cams and the law – what you need to know.

How to buy the best dash cam

When buying a dash cam, you’ll want a camera that’s easy to install and capable of recording high-quality footage.

To make the process of buying a dash cam easier, we’ve rounded up some top tips on picking the perfect model for you. Our advice on how to buy the best dash cam explains whether you should go with a front-facing or rear-facing dash cam, also discussing key features such as GPS, G-force sensors and parking assistants.


Once you’ve decided which type of dash cam is right for you, check our dash cam reviews before you part with your money. We’ve tested dash cams from £20 right up to £300, so there’s something on offer whatever your budget.

But remember: price is no indicator of quality. We’ve found Don’t Buy dash cams that cost as much as £250 and Best Buys from as little as £70.

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